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Ranger Profile: Dekaranger DekaRed

Dekaranger DekaRed

Banban Akaza (赤座 伴番, Akaza Banban) / DekaRed (デカレッド, Dekareddo)

"One! Hating cruel wickedness!"(Hitotsu! Hidou na akuji wo nikumi!)
"Justice will Prevail!"

Nickname, "Ban" (バン, Ban) although Jasmine has called him "Ban-chan" on one occasion. He was training in space until he was assigned to the Earth Unit. He has a chaotic, but fiercely loyal and friendly personality. However, in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, Ban is significantly more mature and was not as fiery as he was before. It took a while before he gained Hoji's trust, often irritating him by calling him "aibou", which translates to "buddy", "pal" or "partner".

Ban has a space martial arts technique called Juu Kun Do (modeled on Jeet Kune Do) when he blends his martial arts skills with his gunfire. Ban rides in Machine Doberman with Jasmine when patrolling. In the series finale, Ban joined the SPD Fire Squad as a new elite officer. In Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, Ban returns to help his old team when Jasmine gets kidnapped though he's on the search for Agent X at the time. During his time with FireSquad, he gained a upgrade called DekaRed Battlizer, where the modified Murphy becomes a suit of armor and powerful sword for him to use in the fight.

Ban also called Kai "aibou" in the team-up, his affectionate term usually reserved for Hoji, much to the latter's annoyance. He has a crush on Mari Gold. In Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, there's implications of Ban and Mari being together. For one, Ban carries a picture of Mari with him and Hoji asked him if Ban "popped the question" to her. His number is 1.

* SPD Weapon: D-Magnum 01 & D-Magnum 02, DekaRed's personal sidearms, they can function separately or be combined into the Hybrid Magnum which holds great firepower and initiates the attack, Hybrid Charging Shoot. Other attacks with the Hybrid Magnum include Moonsault Shot, Moonsault Galaxy Shot, Hurricane Shot, and Endless Shot. He also learned the Raijin Slash from his ancestor.

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  1. this is guy is cool got nothing on my boy jack red spd ranger

  2. Yeah, he's about 10x better