Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dynaman Dyna Pink

Dynaman Dyna Pink

Rei Tachibana (立花 レイ, Tachibana Rei)/Dyna Pink (ダイナピンク, Dainapinku)

She dreams of inventing a machine in order to understand and communicate with animals. A skilled fencer, Rei dislikes fighting, but fights for the sake of protecting everyone's dream and the safety of the world.

* Age: 18 years old
* Weapons: Rose Saber (ローズサーベル, Rōzu Sāberu), Flower Shield (フラワーシールド, Furawā Shīrudo)
* Attacks: Rose Finale (バラフィナーレ, Bara Fināre)
* Dyna Rod Attack: Pink Shocking Melody (ピンクショッキングメロディー, Pinku Shokkingu Merodī)

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