Friday, April 3, 2009

Ranger Profile: Fiveman Five Red

Fiveman Five Red

Gaku Hoshikawa (星川 学, Hoshikawa Gaku)/Five Red (ファイブレッド, Faibureddo)

He is the eldest and leader of the team. A Science teacher skilled in kendo. He was 7 at the time of the Zone's attack on Sidon. Calm and responsible, he had the task of raising his four siblings along with Arthur G6, making him not just a big brother but also a leader and a parental figure. Out of fear, fired a gun at Garoa's face, scarring him, creating a rivalry. Even though a reliable and brave leader, he has a major weakness with the supernatural.

* Age: 27 years old
* Attacks/Weapons: V Sword (Vソード, Bui Sōdo), V Power Grip (Vパワーグリップ, Bui Pawā Gurippu), V Shuttler (Vシャトラー, Bui Shatorā), V Sword Spark (Vソードスパーク, Bui Sōdo Supāku)

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