Monday, April 13, 2009

Ranger Profile: Flashman Blue Flash

Flashman Blue Flash

Bun (ブン, Bun) / Blue Flash (ブルーフラッシュ, Burū Furasshu)

He gained speed and agility on the deserts of the Blue Star planet. He learned survival skills on the harsh planet of Blue Star, such as surviving 30 days on one cup of water and how to climb walls. He is sarcastic. As the youngest member of the team, he yearns most to find his parents.

* Age: 20 years old
* Weapons: Prism Ball (プリズムボール, Purizumu Bōru), Star Darts (スターダーツ, Sutā Dātsu), Blue Vul (ブルーバル, Burū Baru)

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  1. Bun/Blue Flash is played by Yasuhiro Ishiwata, a. K. a. Jo Ishiwatari (now aged 47). The show ran 50 episodes.
    Domo arigatō from Brazil!