Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ranger Profile: Flashman Red Flash

Flashman Red Flash

Jin (ジン, Jin) / Red Flash (レッドフラッシュ, Reddo Furasshu)

He learned science on Flash Star, main planet of the Flash solar system. He has great scientific mental powers and scientific knowledge including a wealth of knowledge dealing with machinery. Kidnapped from Earth at age 3, given a scar by an Alien Hunter in the process. Since he was the oldest of the five kidnapped, his memories about the kidnapping are the strongest, although still fuzzy. He is the strongest of the team and as eldest, takes an older brother-like role, making him a strong leader.

    * Age: 23 years old
    * Weapons: Prism Holy Sword (プリズム聖剣, Purizumu Seiken), Red Vul (レッドバル, Reddo Baru)
    * Attacks: Fire Thunder (ファイヤーサンダー, Faiyā Sandā), Super Cutter (スーパーカッター, Sūpā Kattā)

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