Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ranger Profile: Flashman Yellow Flash

Flashman Yellow Flash

Sara (サラ, Sara) / Yellow Flash (イエローフラッシュ, Ierō Furasshu)

She developed a sharp mind on cold planet Yellow Star, often seen as cold and serious herself by most people. However, she is actually a caring person. She is able to analyze the attacks and strategies of the villains.

    * Age: 20 years old
    * Weapons: Prism Batons (プリズムバトン, Purizumu Baton), Yellow Vul (イエローバル, Ierō Baru)
    * Attacks: Super Blizzard (スーパーブリザード, Sūpā Burizādo), Mach Blizzard (マッハブリザード, Mahha Burizādo), Snow Freeze (スノーフリーズ, Sunō Furīzu), Baton Spark (バトンスパーク, Baton Supāku), Super Version (スーパーバージョン, Sūpā Bājon), Shocking Beads (ショッキングビーズ, Shokkingu Bīzu) (without transformation)

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