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Ranger Profile: Gaoranger Sparking Silver Wolf GaoSilver

Gaoranger Sparking Silver Wolf GaoSilver

Shirogane (シロガネ, Shirogane, Silver) / Sparking Silver Wolf GaoSilver (閃烈の銀狼ガオシルバー, Senretsu no Ginrō Gaoshirubā)

1,062 year old Gao Warrior from the Heian period, born Tsukumaro Oogami (大神 月麿, Ōgami Tsukumaro). 1,000 years ago, GaoGod was defeated by Hyakkimaru, a fusion of the Highness Dukes. In desperation, Tsukumaro took the Dark Wolf Mask, which would give him the extra power they'd need to defeat the Org. Despite the warnings of the priestess, Murasaki, that the mask would possess him, he donned it. The energy within the mask, the Thousand-Year Evil, gave him the ability to combine his three Power Animals into GaoHunter. Shirogane lasted long enough to defeat Hyakkimaru, then the mask transformed him into Loki. He begged the other Gao Warriors to stop him while he still had a vestige of control, so they sealed him within a tomb. Centuries later, Shirogane was released from his seal by Ura to fight against the present day Gaorangers, fully under the mask's control. Although he initially perceived himself as a full-Org, he began to show aspects of his true self, such as tending the wounds of Sae and helping an injured wolf. Once the mask was destroyed and the evil energy was released, he was returned to his human form.

By fighting with all of his strength to save the Gaorangers from Chimera Org, his Power Animals rewarded him with the G-Brace Phone that would allow Shirogane to transform into GaoSilver. Afterwards, he spent most of his time trying to make up for his past sins against the Gaorangers. Shirogane was very distant towards the Gaorangers and declined Kakeru's invitation to move into Gao's Rock with the others. Instead, he stayed in the pool hall, Billiard Jack. He was reluctant to accept help from the other Gaorangers during his battle with Loki, but he opened up once GaoWolf led the others to him and he realized that the others trusted him despite the things he did while he was Loki. Eventually Shirogane finally left go of the past once his personal batlle with Ura finally ended. While relaxing, he enjoys playing billiards and the flute, and he also has the ability to detect Org disturbances from the winds.

    * Gao Weapon: Gao Hustler Rod (ガオハスラーロッド, Gao Hasurā Roddo), GaoSilver's weapon that has three modes. The first is Saber Mode (サーベルモード, Sāberu Mōdo), where it is used like a bladed weapon, and the second is Sniper Mode (スナイパーモード, Sunaipā Mōdo) that is used as a rifle. The third mode is Break Mode (ブレイクモード, Bureiku Mōdo), a pool rod weapon. This mode is used for Silver's finisher attack Evil-Crushing Seijuu Orbs (破邪聖獣球, Haja Seijūkyū, Saint Beast Orbs), where he generates a pool table, called Laser Pool (レーザープール, Rēzā Pūru), and Silver shoots his three Gao Jewels like pool balls to finish off an Org. The finishing call is Evil spirit, honorably defeated (邪鬼玉砕, Jaki Gyokusai). Laser Pool is also used for GaoSilver to summon his Power Animals, and the Gao Hustler Rod was once used to emulate his Seijuu Orbs attack with GaoMadillo and the Ligator Blade, called the Hunter Seijuu Orb.
    * Special Attacks: Silver Wolf Full Moon Cut (狼満月斬り, Ginrō Mangetsu Giri?, Saber Mode)
    * After the final battle, he traveled across the world alone although he initially planned to travel with Sae. Shirogane eventually returned to aid his teammates in regaining their G-Phones, fighting by their side one final time before leaving without saying goodbye. He explained to a curious Shurikenger that it's painful for him. He is the first non-core warrior to appear in a theatrical Super Sentai movie.

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  1. Is he the first? Wasn't Time Fire in the Timeranger GoGoV movie? Or is Time Fire considered a core warrior of Timeranger?