Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ranger Profile: Gingaman Black Knight BullBlack

Gingaman Black Knight BullBlack

Hyuuga (ヒュウガ, Hyūga) / Black Knight (黒騎士, Kuro Kishi)

He is Ryouma's elder brother. He was chosen for the 133rd GingaRed, but he falls into a crack in the ground caused by Zaihab. He is saved by BullBlack, who possesses the boy's body for a while before discarding him. Soon thereafter, Hyuuga is given the power to become the new Black Knight. But later when GouTaurus is wounded in battle, it is captured by Pucrates who blackmails Hyuuga to come work for him so he could sever his connection to the Earth in order to wield the cursed Knight Axe, the only thing that can shatter Zahab's Star Soul Jewel. Hyuuga agrees to give up his Earth power in hopes of using the Knight Axe to kill Zahab. As Black Knight, Hyuuga's element is earth, though he does not use it in special attacks like the other Gingamen. He can become the Heavy Knight with the aid of GouTaurus.

* Age: 27 Years Old
* Weapon: Bull Riot (ブルライアット, Buru Raiatto): BullBlack's sword that also functions as his transformation device. By using the henshin call "Knight Reincarnation" (騎士転生, Kishi Tensei), Hyuuga transforms into BullBlack. The sword can also be changed into a laser rifle mode.
* Hyuuga regains his Earth Power within Gingaman VS GoGo-V, and fought as the Black Knight alongside the Gingaman and GoGo-V teams in battle.

Black Knight BullBlack (黒騎士ブルブラック, Kuro Kishi BuruBurakku) (18-25): Not technically a Gingaman. The previous Black Knight was a vengeful warrior. He seeks revenge for his young brother Krantz, who is killed by the Barban during their assault on their home planet, Taurus. His original goal is to find Lights of Ginga, so he could take revenge on Zahab. But his means are very selfish, as he does not care about hurting innocent humans to reach his goal, unlike the Gingamen. But later it was revealed that he had fell one thousand years earlier in the same abyss as Hyuuga, and that BullBlack uses the man's body to escape the abyss and fight again. This revelation came up when Hyuuga begins stopping him from using techniques that would hurt humans. After Krantz's spirit begged him to stop hurting people, BullBlack releases Hyuuga and is killed to save the Gingamen from a hate energy explosion. His spirit found peace after reuniting with Krantz. Later, they appear (as spirits) to inherit Hyuuga with BullBlack's powers by giving him the BullRiot Sword.

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