Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ranger Profile: Gingaman GingaGreen

Gingaman GingaGreen

Hayate (ハヤテ, Hayate)/GingaGreen (ギンガグリーン, Gingagurīn)

Cool and quick-witted, he is an expert flute player. A very qualified subleader, his only weakness is tomatoes (although he fixes this through the series) and honey. Being engaged with a girl named Miharu, Hayate always carries the flute and amulet she gave him before leaving the Ginga Forest. He is rivals with Sherinda after a sword battle. Hayate's element is wind. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Hayate can become Super Armor Shine GingaGreen (超装光ギンガグリーン, Chōsōkō Gingagurīn).

* Age: 22 Years Old
* Willing Sword Kiba: Kiba Shot (キバショット, Kiba Shotto)
* Earth Elemental Technique: Fluttering of a Storm (嵐のはばたき, Arashi no Habataki)
* Starbeast Sword Technique: Hurricane Gust (疾風一陣, Shippū Ichijin)
* Machine Blade Technique: Blast Shoot

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