Monday, April 27, 2009

Ranger Profile: Goggle V Goggle Red

Goggle V Goggle Red

Ken'ichi Akama (赤間健一, Akama Ken'ichi)/Goggle Red (ゴーグルレッド, Gōguru Reddo)

A world class explorer and mountain climber. By saving Dr. Hongou from Deathdark's Madaramen, he came to realize what peril the world was in. His forehead jewel is the ruby (it has the lowest roll call pitch), symbolizing Atlantis. His rhythmic gymnastic apparatus is the rope.

* Age: 22 years old
* Weapons: Red Ruby Whip (レッドルビームチ, Reddo Rubī Muchi) and Red Rope (レッドロープ, Reddo Rōpu)
* Attacks: Red Punch (レッドパンチ, Reddo Panchi), Red Kick (レッドキック, Reddo Kikku?), Red Ruby Beam (レッドルビー光線, Reddo Rubī Kōsen), and Red Windmill (レッド風車, Reddo Fūsha)

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