Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ranger Profile: Goggle V Goggle Yellow

Goggle V Goggle Yellow

Futoshi Kijima (黄島太, Kijima Futoshi)/Goggle Yellow (ゴーグルイエロー, Gōguru Ierō)

He works at a zoo. His forehead jewel is the opal (second highest pitch), symbolizing Mu (Lemuria). His rhythmic gymnastic apparatus is the ball.

* Age: 27 years old
* Weapons: Yellow Ball (イエローボール, Ierō Bōru), Yellow Opal Megaton Ball (イエローオパールメガトンボール, Ierō Opāru Megaton Bōru), and Yellow Hammer (イエローハンマー, Ierō Hanmā)
* Attacks: Yellow Holedigging (イエロー穴掘り, Ierō Anahori), Yellow Attack (イエローアタック, Ierō Atakku), Yellow Tackle (イエロータックル, Ierō Takkuru), Yellow Double Throw (イエロー二段投げ, Ierō Nidan Nage), and Yellow Windmill Throw (イエロー風車投げ, Ierō Fūsha Nage)

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