Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ranger Profile: GoGo-V GoBlue

GoGo-V GoBlue

Nagare Tatsumi (巽 流水, Tatsumi Nagare) / GoBlue (ゴーブルー, Gōburū)

He is the second son of the Tatsumi Family. He belongs to the Chemical F.F. Brigade of the Capital Fire Department. He is always looking out for his younger brother, Daimon, even though most of the time Daimon does not listen to him and gets in trouble for it. He was once put on suspension because Daimon got injured, even though it was not his fault that his younger thick headed brother did not listen to him when he told Daimon to wait for the others before rushing into a fight. Nagare still felt responsible because he is the oldest. It was always that way between the two. Even when they were younger, Daimon would get hurt because he did not listen or do something stupid and poor Nagare would get blamed for not taking care of his younger brother. Although he might get yelled at by his older brother at times he never talks back to him like Shou does. Nagare is very protective of his family, he would sacrifice himself to save the Tatsumi Family and the team. He usually is the serious one of the group, Nagare does not rush into a fight with out researching what he is fighting first, once he figures it out he heads full force into battle. Developed fire extinguishant in his department, as well as the human-sized robot Big Douser.

* Age: 23 years old
* Life Bird component: Build Discharger

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