Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ranger Profile: Goranger Aka Ranger

Goranger Aka Ranger

Tsuyoshi Kaijou (海城剛, Kaijō Tsuyoshi)/Aka Ranger (アカレンジャー, Akarenjā, Red Ranger)

The younger brother of the Kantō EAGLE base captain, Tsuyoshi was undergoing special training in combat planning and strategy. He is a natural born leader and tactician. While still young and brash at times, he showed a maturity level well beyond his years. Was also the "Ace Striker" for the EAGLE Japan Soccer Team. He was a master of disguise and an expert sharpshooter. His brother died in the Kuro Jujigun's attack on their base. As Aka Ranger, he was team leader of the group and often helped coordinate the group attacks such as the "Goranger Storm" or "Goranger Hurricane". Carried a number of special weapons such as a blaster (Silver Shot) and a multi-purpose whip (Red Vute) whose end could transform into a number of different weapons such as a drill or claw (Red Hunter). It can also stiffen into a fighting pole. He rides the supercharged motorcycle "Red Machine" which can race at high speeds and was later replaced by the "Red Star" super cycle. He is considered to be the face of the entire franchise and is one of the most recognisable characters in Japanese entertainment.

* Age: 24 years old
* Weapons: Red Whip (レッドビュート, Reddo Byūto), New Red Whip (ニューレッドビュート, Nyū Reddo Byūto), Spear Whip (ヤリビュート, Yari Byūto), Drill Whip (ドリルビュート, Doriru Byūto), Red Hunter (レッドハンター, Reddo Hantā), Silver Shot (シルバーショット, Shirubā Shotto)

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