Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ranger Profile: Goranger Ao Ranger

Goranger Ao Ranger

Akira Shinmei (新命明, Shinmei Akira)/Ao Ranger (アオレンジャー, Aorenjā, Blue Ranger)

Akira was training in the snow draped Touhoku when the Kuro Jujigun attacked. He is the oldest member of the Goranger team who fancied American cowboy outfits. He was a marksmanship instructor skilled in archery and mecha piloting. He had aspirations of being a racecar driver. As Ao Ranger he is the designated second-in-command. He pilots most of the Goranger sky vehicles such as "Varibloom" and "Varidreen". He is armed with the super bow "Blue Cherry" and "Ultra Blue Cherry" which can fire specially designed arrows (Blue Arrows and Blue Arrow Rockets). He also drove the super motorcycle "Blue Machine" and later the "Blue Star."

    * Age: 25 years old
    * Weapons: Blue Cherry Bow (ブルーチェリー, Burū Cherī) (used in episodes 1-42), Ultra Blue Cherry Bow (ウルトラブルーチェリー, Urutora Burū Cherī) (used in episodes 43-84)

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