Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ranger Profile: Goranger Momo Ranger

Goranger Momo Ranger

Peggy Matsuyama (ペギー松山, Pegī Matsuyama)/Momo Ranger (モモレンジャー, Momorenjā, Pink Ranger)

Peggy is a Eurasian beauty (her father was a Swiss national and her mother was Japanese). She was assigned to EAGLE's Hokkaidō branch as a chemical analyst and special weapons engineer specializing in explosives. She also had equestrian training. Fashionable, she often wore go-go boots and short hip-hugging "hot pants". As Momo Ranger, she was armed with an assortment of uniquely "feminine" weapons. Her heart-shaped earrings doubled as high impact bombs which she would hurl with a curt taunt -- "Are you ready?... Here we go!" (いいわね・・・行くわよ!, Ii wa ne... Iku wa yo!). She also carried heart-shaped "Momo Card" throwing shurikens, and a "Momo Mirror" jamming device which would confuse and confound her opponents. She also had the "Momo Ceceli" which could be used to track down and spy on opponents. And ultimately, she carried the "Ranger Ball", the Gorangers' ultimate finisher weapon that would destroy the Masked Monster of the day, which the team members would pass around to each other like a soccer ball before Aka Ranger would deliver the finishing kick to the Masked Monster causing it to explode. She rides in the "Green Machine/Green Star" sidecar.

* Age: 18 years old
* Weapons: Earring Bombs (ピアス爆弾, Piasu Bakudan), Pink Mirror (モモミラー, Momo Mirā), & Pink Card (モモカード, Momo Kādo)


  1. Hi,
    I have a set of the changeman Japanese rangers, which I believe to be possibly plastic on a cardboard package. The names in Engish and Japanese are beneath each figure. They are Phoenix, Dragon, Pegasus, Mermaid and Griffon(which is spelled "Griffin" in your master list description. Is your spelling a typo.
    Thank you

  2. Why are there subs for some of these pictures? I'm curious because I'd love to see a subbed version of this series.

  3. Some videos on-line have been translated by fans. Some haven't. It's really weather the screen shot is good or not, and weather the text distracts from that or not.

  4. Is Momoranger one of the normal Super Sentai series? I heard she's from a ryona type Super Sentai parody called Torment A Heroine.

  5. I don't know what thing you're mentioning, but I would doubt it. Momo Ranger was part of the original Goranger team - the first Sentai series. That seems pretty official.