Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ranger Profile: Hurricaneger Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger

Hurricaneger Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger

Ikkou Kasumi (霞 一甲, Kasumi Ikkō) / Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger (角忍カブトライジャー, Tsunonin Kabutoraijā)

"Crimson lightning. Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger!" (深紅の稲妻 角忍カブトライジャー, "Shinkō no inazuma. Tsunonin Kabutoraijā!")

The older brother, called the "Horned Ninja". His original goal was to raise Ikazuchi as the greatest Ninja school, using "it". Learning of the method his father intended, Ikkou ingested the Girigiri gas to go insane so Isshuu could kill him, but Ikkou eventually regains his sanity and refuses to obtain the Evil Will like that. He develops a friendly rivalry with Yousuke later in the series, as well as gain a mortal enemy in Manmaruba, who implanted a Space Scorpion egg in the man's body for using him to get into Jakanja's ranks. He attempted to have the egg removed from his body with Ramon's aid in secret, even from Isshu. However, Ramon could only hinder the hatching until Manmaruba's Mind Wave made it beyond Ramon's skills. Though told a cure may be found in Tibet, Ikkou refused to leave and it nearly killed him as a result if it wasn't for Yousuke nearly killing himself to provide an antidote. Ikkou would later kill Manmaruba soon after the Fangerus crisis.

* Gourai Weapon: Horn Breaker, Kabuto Raiger's personal weapon. It is used as a gun based weapon.
* Chouninpuu: Thunder Break Illusion Horn

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