Monday, April 6, 2009

Ranger Profile: Hurricaneger Land Ninja Hurricane Yellow

Hurricaneger Land Ninja Hurricane Yellow

Kouta Bitou (尾藤 吼太, Bitō Kōta) / Land Ninja Hurricane Yellow (陸忍ハリケンイエロー, Okanin Hariken'ierō)

"The ground shakes, the flowers sing. Land Ninja, Hurricane Yellow!" (大地が震え、花が歌う。 陸忍ハリケンイエロー, "Daichi ga furue, hana ga utau. Okanin Hariken'ierō!")

The other male of the team, he's a firm believer in planning. Because of his friendly nature, Kouta works at a daycare center. He has a younger sister called Meiko whom he cared for when their parents died in a car accident and they ended up in an orphanage. He also had a grandmother named Ayame Bitou, who died when Kouta was four but remained by him in spirit, but thanks to an unintended part in Jakanja's plan, she was resurrected as a teenager and aided her grandson before fading back to the afterlife.

* Hurricane Weapon: Quake Hammer, Hurricane Yellow's personal weapon. It resembles a mallet, and can be used for a ground-based attack.
* Chūninpuu: Chameleon Jutsu, Lion Puppet.

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