Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ranger Profile: Jetman Black Condor

Jetman Black Condor

Gai Yuki (結城 凱, Yūki Gai)/Black Condor (ブラックコンドル, Burakku Kondoru)

A loner who hates being ordered around. He loves fighting but is really a nice guy. Initially clashed with Ryuu but eventually became friends. His interests include motorcycle, saxophone, gambling and womanizing. He loves Kaori, and often tries to flirt with her, without results, which ends up on him suffering from the frustration of his unanswered feelings. When she finally accepts him, they have frequent problems on their relationship as both are too different. In a completely random act of violence, he is stabbed to death by a thug three years after the fall of Vyram on his way to Ryuu and Kaori's wedding while trying to recover a woman's purse, but managed to keep the others from knowing and found time to smoke a bit of cigarette before dying. He loves the Macallan, Scotch whisky. He hates men and natto. Gai's fighting style is a street fighting and martial arts mix: his combat skills match Ryuu's, though he is the dirty type, as sometimes grabs his foe in the crotch to perform an overhead lift and toss.

* Age: 25 years old
* Gai is known as Galt in France
* Attacks: Condor Finish (コンドルフィニッシュ, Kondoru Finisshu), Flying Kick, Condor/Owl Towering Attack
* His character appears to be largely based on Gatchaman's Joe Asakura.

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