Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ranger Profile: Jetman Red Hawk

Jetman Red Hawk

Ryuu Tendou (天堂 竜, Tendō Ryū)/Red Hawk (レッドホーク, Reddo Hōku)

He is originally a Sky Forcer codenamed "W6" and leader of the Jetman. Being the only official to become a Jetman, his policy is to be always professional and never let feelings affect himself in battle, which is the primary reason of why he and Gai fought in many episodes like Ken and Joe in Gatchaman. This comes to a conflict when he discovers that his beloved Rie had become the Vyram officer Maria, which later caused Gai's inner sense of justice to awaken during the time he fantasized he was still with Rie. He does not drink alcohol but loves hot milk without sugar, but ironically drank with his former rival turned best friend Gai in one episode. He married his fellow Jetman, and support in difficult times, Kaori in the series finale. He is often wearing Red Gold's Gym gloves.

    * Age: 26 years old
    * Ryuu is known as Réno in France
    * Attacks: Wing Punch (ウイングパンチ, Uingu Panchi)

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