Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ranger Profile: Jetman White Swan

Jetman White Swan

Kaori Rokumeikan (鹿鳴館 香, Rokumeikan Kaori)/White Swan (ホワイトスワン, Howaito Suwan)

She is the only heiress of the Rokumeikan Enterprises empire. She is taken care of by her butler, Jiiya, since her parents live in New York. She joined the Jetman to escape the boredom of her heiress life. She is good at Kendo and best shot in Jetman, Kaori learned in battle and in the middle of a love triangle with Ryuu and Gai what a spoiled rich girl she was and what the really important things were. Raita also had feelings for her. She does sometimes use her wealth to help the team like when she used a lot of diamonds to try and snap Ako from the curse of the monster Red Diamond. At the end of the series she marries Ryuu with whom she overcame difficult times with.

    * Age: 22 years old
    * Attacks: Swan Wing (スワンウィング, Suwan Wingu), Swannie Attack (スワニーアタック, Suwanī Atakku), Double Kick (ダブルキック, Daburu Kikku) (with Yellow Owl)

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