Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ranger Profile: Jetman Yellow Owl

Jetman Yellow Owl

Raita Ooishi (大石 雷太, Ōishi Raita)/Yellow Owl (イエローオウル, Ierō Ōru)

A nature lover who enjoys vegetables and hates Vyram for their destruction of nature. He is good at cooking. He looks after Kaori and has feelings for her. The only member who wears eyeglasses and only out-of-shape member in Jetman. (This is the result of a recurring theme in Sentai being an overweight yet physically strong male yellow member.) Three years after Vyram is defeated, runs a farm with his childhood friend, Satsuki. He was raised by his grandmother, Kiyo Ooishi, because Raita's parents were busy. As Yellow Owl, specializes in raw strength techniques like head-butts, body blows, throwing techniques, and sumo-based attacks. He is also able to hurl boulders.

    * Age: 22 years old
    * Raita is known as Rénato in France
    * Attacks: Rock Drop (岩石落とし, Ganseki Otoshi), Deadly Thrust (必殺つっぱり, Hissatsu Tsuppari), Condor/Owl Towering Attack (コンドルオウルタワーリングアタック, Kondoru Ōru Tawāringu Atakku), Double Kick (with White Swan)

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