Friday, April 10, 2009

Ranger Profile: Kakuranger NinjaBlack

Kakuranger NinjaBlack

Jiraiya (ジライヤ, Jiraiya) / NinjaBlack (ニンジャブラック, Ninjaburakku)

Jiraiya is a descendant of Jiraiya. 20 years old, he is a Japanese-American ninja from Los Angeles trained by his guardian Gali after his father was killed. Jiraiya stands out among the characters because he speaks English frequently (which at first caused both teasing and confusion with the other team members when he speaks in English), his native language, but he learns Japanese as the show progresses. During his first appearance, he was helping the Yokai. In reality, he did so to steal the other four scrolls, stolen by Azukiarai, to allow him and the other three Kakurangers (besides Sasuke, who already had his) to become Juushou. He is stereotyped with a combination of a cowboy/surfer persona. He is the pure fighter of the group although he knows Earth based ninja arts, he prefers to fight utilizing his martial art skills. While finding his Shinobi Scroll, Jiraiya was forced to battle Gali, who revealed himself as the man who killed his father and serving the Yokai. After the bloody battle between them, Jiraiya learned why Gali did it, as well as hoping Jiraiya would kill him had intended. Both the deaths of Zashiki-warashi and the two men he had knew since childhood gave Jiraiya reason to fight the Youkai.

* Shinobi Knuckle: Black Bow (ブラックボウ, Burakku Bō).
* Ninja Magic: ground-merging/earth swimming.
* Special Attacks: Three Kick (スリーキック, Surī Kikku), Hidden Style Shooting Star (隠流・流れ星, Kakure Ryū Nagareboshi)
* He is the only member with no "Journey to the West" corresponding character.
* He is named after a famous ninja in Japanese culture. Jiraiya is from the legendary ninja Jiraiya, from the tale of Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari, who can assume the guise of a toad.

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