Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ranger Profile: Magiranger Green Magician MagiGreen

Magiranger Green Magician MagiGreen

Makito Ozu (小津 蒔人, Ozu Makito) / Green Magician MagiGreen (緑の魔法使いマジグリーン, Midori no Mahōtsukai Majigurīn)

"The Howling Earth Element! Green Magician ~(Legend) MagiGreen!"

Ozu Family's oldest son, Makito is a Green Mage, a wizard who wields the power over the Howling Earth Element. He spent his life growing vegetables on his property, Aniki Farm, and cooking delicious meals himself. He's usually a cheerful fellow and moves at his own pace, but he does have a nasty temper and can get on people's nerves. He tends to be a father figure to his siblings, and even though he sometimes seems overemotional and overbearing, he is truly the linchpin of the team; his determination brought the family back together after they lost to Branken, and when Shichijuurou cut their familial bonds, and his moral support allowed his siblings to defeat Wolzard when Makito had been afflicted with Mold. Hikaru's arrival initially leaves him feeling replaced both as head of the household and in the heart of his girlfriend Eriko. He tends to be emotional at weddings as evident during his sisters' weddings. His primary attack is "Green Ground" where he creates a ground shockwave by slamming his MagiStick Ax against the ground. He can also summon vines from the ground to tie up an enemy. He now is expanding his farm by studying abroad. As Green Magician Legend MagiGreen (レジェンドマジグリーン, Midori no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Majigurīn), Makito's MagiBolt makes "Boulders Go" flying at any enemy. As seen in Stage 37, Makito can speak some (surprisingly colloquial, implying a deeper interest) English, in which he gave directions to an American tourist.

* Age: 24 Years Old
* Magical Weapons: MagiStick Axe, Magical Holy Staff DialRod
* Special Attacks: Green Ground, MagiBolt
* Special Power-Ups: Green Muscles, Rock Armor
* Special Ability: Herbology.
* Spells: Gii Magika

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