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Ranger Profile: Magiranger Pink Magician MagiPink

Magiranger Pink Magician MagiPink

Houka Ozu (小津 芳香, Ozu Hōka) / Pink Magician MagiPink (桃色の魔法使い マジピンク, Momoiro no Mahōtsukai Majipinku)

"The Blowing Wind Element! Pink Magician ~(Legend) MagiPink!"

The oldest daughter, Houka is a Pink Mage, a sorceress with power over the Blowing Wind Element. She is cheerful and flighty, stringing along several boyfriends, and her catchphrase is "Yahoo!". She has a narrow focus, though, and can be a troublemaker. However, she also sees everything in a positive light (except for the Infershia. Titan was the only exception), which can sometimes steer her into arguments with her older brother. She works as a fashion model when she feels like it. In Stage 5, Houka used a corkscrew kick variant of her primary attack. In the last episode, she thanked Nai and Mea for reviving both her father and Hikaru despite in the past that both of them treated her badly. She still stays with her mother and father at home. Her primary attack is "Pink Storm" where she transforms into an electric fan and blows away the bad guys. As Pink Magician Legend MagiPink (レジェンドマジピンク, Momoiro no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Majipinku), Houka's MagiBolt "Blows Piercing Wind".

* Age: 22 Years Old
* Magical Weapons: MagiStick Wand, MagiPunch, Magical Holy Staff DialRod
* Special Attacks: Pink Storm, MagiBolt
* Special Ability: Transformation Magic, turning herself into any form she can imagine - such as a VW Beetle, a soccer ball launcher, a stereo, a pepper shaker, and a fishing rod - occasionally serving as comic relief. She can also transform herself into other characters (although in these forms she has a large pink bow which gives her away), for example in Stage 5 she transformed herself into Vancuria to lure the Hades Beast Mimic into a trap since it was loyal to her, and in Stage 46 she transformed herself into Hades God Titan to lure Hades God Wyvern away while the real Titan could make his way to the Lake of Slumber without hindrance although once Wyvern caught up with her and Makito he could easily see the difference and attacked. In Stage 23 she briefly transformed into Chopin, wearing a pink tuxedo.
* Spells: Maagi Magiiro

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