Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ranger Profile: Maskman Pink Mask

Maskman Pink Mask

Momoko (モモコ, Momoko)/Pink Mask (ピンクマスク, Pinku Masuku)

She is an expert in Tai Chi Chuan. A young woman with a pure heart, she often teaches youths Tai Chi. Strong and dedicated, she once, by chance, met Ial and Igam's mother, who gave her the saintly flower known as Carollove which Momoko treasures. In one infamous episode, she involuntarily powered down from weakness after the team used the Shot Bomber to destroy a monster.

    * Age: 19 years old
    * Weapons: Masky Ribbon (マスキーリボン, Masukī Ribon)
    * Meditation Gesture: Sha (All fingers together in a fist except index fingers)

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