Monday, April 6, 2009

Ranger Profile: Megaranger MegaBlue

Megaranger MegaBlue

Shun Namiki (並樹 瞬, Namiki Shun) / MegaBlue (メガブルー, Megaburū)

Shun is a loner who aspirated to become a computer-graphics artist and refused to become a Megaranger at first. However, after seeing Kenta attempting to keep the Kunekune from interfering in his life-long dream, Shun reconsidered and became good friends with Kenta as a result. Shun is also adept at creating battle strategies, such confusing the NejiRangers by making the others' costumes look like his. Forehead symbol is the Digital Television which allows him to create CG images and trap enemies in a movie dimension where characters from the dimension attack the enemy.

    * Age: 18 Years Old
    * Mega Weapon: Mega Tomahawk (メガトマホーク, Mega Tomahōku) / Tomahawk Sniper (トマホークスナイパー, Tomahōku Sunaipā)
    * Special Attacks: Tomahawk Hurricane (トマホークハリケーン, Tomahōku Harikēn), Virtual Vision

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