Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ranger Profile: Ohranger OHBlue

Ohranger OHBlue

U.A.O.H. Yuuji Mita (UAOH 三田 祐司, Mita Yūji) / OHBlue (オーブルー, Ōburū) A swift person, Mita is an expert in fencing and gymnastics. His recklessness makes him the most childish member along with his way of speaking. Mita uses jumps and midair fighting tactics.

    * Age: 21 Years Old
    * OHWeapon: Delta Tonfas (デルタトンファ, Deruta Tonfa), a pair of mighty bladed-tonfas.
    * Special attacks: Lightning: Chouriki Tonfas (稲妻・超力トンファ, Inazuma Chōriki Tonfa), Crashing Rolling Bomber (激突ローリングボンバー, Gekitotsu Rōringu Bonbā)

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