Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ranger Profile: Ohranger OHGreen

Ohranger OHGreen

U.A.O.H. Shouhei Yokkaichi (UAOH 四日市 昌平, Yokkaichi Shōhei) / OHGreen (オーグリーン, Ōgurīn)

The second-in-command. Yokkaichi is chosen from the same division as Hoshino. Cheerful and kind, popular with children but also serious and disciplined in work, being the oldest. Likes pork ramen and makes delicious gyouza dumplings. He is a Boxer.

    * Age: 27 Years Old
    * OHWeapon: Square Crushers, a pair of powerful hatchets
    * Special attacks: Blitzkrieg: Chouriki Crusher (電光・超力クラッシャー, Denkō Chōriki Kurasshā), Exploding Mirage Knuckle (爆烈ミラージュナックル, Bakuretsu Mirāji Nakkuru)

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