Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ranger Profile: Ohranger OHPink

Ohranger OHPink

U.A.O.H. Momo Maruo (UAOH 丸尾 桃, Maruo Momo) / OHPink (オーピンク, Ōpinku)

Uses Chinese boxing and Aikido. She loves the city and Baranoia used that against the Ohranger at times. Maruo is best friends with Nijou. Maruo is the most femenine of the female members.

* Age: 20 Years Old
* OHWeapon: Circle Defenser (サークルディフェンサー, Sākuru Difensā), power defensive shield and weapon.
* Special attacks: Hurricane: Chouriki Defenser (疾風・超力ディフェンサー, Shippū Chōriki Difensā), Flashing Miracle Chi Kung Shot (閃光ミラクル気功弾, Senkō Mirakuru Kikōdan)


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