Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ranger Profile: Shinkenger Shinken Green

Shinkenger Shinken Green

Chiaki Tani (谷 千明, Tani Chiaki)/Shinken Green (シンケングリーン, Shinken Gurīn)

Though cheerful and honest, Chiaki Tani had no interest in becoming a vassal and often clashes with Takeru. While he is the childish one of the group, abandoning his training early, Chiaki is a great strategist in surprise attacks. As Shinken Green (シンケングリーン, Shinken Gurīn), he is the Samurai of Wood (木の侍, Ki no Samurai)

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  1. my boy chiaki is a player he is cool dude of group

  2. man who will in a fight mike or xander green rangers of the forest