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Ranger Profile: Timeranger TimeFire

Timeranger TimeFire

Wataru Asami formed a security force under his Asami Corporation to protect the city from the Londars. The City Guardians (シティガーディアンズ, Shiti Gādianzu) gain a tenuous relationship with the Timerangers, especially when Tatsuya's childhood friend Naoto becomes TimeFire and later the City Guardian's Captain. The Captain is required to wear a red beret. According to Ryuya, the City Guardians would later become the Inter-City Police (インターシティー警察, Intā Shitī Keisatsu).

"TimeFire! Londars, if you keep doing this, I'm not gonna be nice!"

Naoto Takizawa (滝沢 直人, Takizawa Naoto) / TimeFire (タイムファイヤー, Taimufaiyā) (28-49)

Tatsuya's 28 year old rival and leader of the City Guardians established by the Asami Corporation. Unlike Tatsuya, Naoto came from the other side of the tracks, getting by on a scholarship as the two of them attended prep school. Naoto envied Tatsuya and wanted to be the best of the two. After becoming TimeFire the Asami group attempted to analyze the technology for mass production, but could not fully understand the 30th century Technology. Later he found out through Sion that the Londers monsters are just prisoners and only need to be recaptured. In Episode 37 he learned that the Timerangers came from the 30th century, and because of his desire for power he chose to find a way to use his new knowledge of the Time Rangers to his advantage. Near the finale, after Wataru Asami was hospitalized in a previous episode, Naoto was able to use that knowledge to gain full control of the City Guardians.

Naoto also owned two pet birds, Tora and Sakura, which he later gives to a little girl.In the finale, after Naoto was injured during the battle against Neo-Crisis he learned Wataru Asami was able to regain control of the City Guardians through quick legal maneuvering. Naoto was kicked out of the City Guardians and fled because the City Guardians tried to take the V-Commander when they revealed that they were able to remove the Voice Lock function. In the end Naoto was shot from a Zenitt's bullet, knocking him from a high-story of a building all the way to the ground but handed over the V-Commander to Tatsuya just before dying from his bullet wound.

* Weapon: DV Defender (DVディフェンダー, Dī Bui Difendā): TimeFire's personal weapon. It has three different forms it can take through the DV Change ability. In its standard form Defender Gun (ディフェンダーガン, Difendā Gan), it becomes the DV Vulcan (DVバルカン, Dī Bui Barukan) by Vulcan Mode (バルカンモード, Barukan Mōdo), in Defender Sword (ディフェンダーソード, Difendā Sōdo), a blade is extended from the front end of the gun to create a sword. The third form Final Mode is where an energy blade is produced from the front end of Vulcan Mode to use the DV Re-Freezer.
* Attacks: DV Re-Freezer (DVリフレイザー, Dī Bui Rifureizā), By using the Final Modes energy blade the DV Re-Freezer attack can recapture a Londers prisoner.

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