Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ranger Profile: Timeranger TimeRed

Timeranger TimeRed

Tatsuya Asami (浅見 竜也, Asami Tatsuya) / TimeRed (タイムレッド, Taimureddo)

A 22 year old martial artist who was "drafted" into the team. He refuses to accept fate and his heritage as future CEO of his father's company. He believes that people can control their own destiny, but only if they fight for a desirable future. After joining the Timerangers, Tatsuya decides to move out of his father's house and uses his savings to rent the building that would be the Timeranger's home. Tatsuya works as a Karate Teacher at Tomorrow Research. When operating the Robo formations, Tatsuya is usually in charge of accessing the finisher moves to recapture the Londers Prisoners by wielding a miniature version of the Space-Time Sword/Chrono Divider to mimic the movement pattern. In the finale, one year after the final battle, Tatsuya continues to live freely by himself choosing this lifestyle until he feels that he is ready to join his father's company. Although Yuuri is the team leader, Tatsuya is the driving force of the Timerangers, essentially acting as field commander during the battles.

* Vol Weapon: VolBlaster (ボルブラスター, Boruburasutā)
* Attacks: Vector Harden (ベクターハーレー, Bekutā Hārē), Vector Around (ベクターアラウンド, Bekutā Araundo) with TimeBlue, Vector Hurricane (ベクターハリケーン, Bekutā Harikēn) with TimeYellow, Vector Impulse (ベクターインパルス, Bekutā Inparusu), Spark End (スパークエンド, Supāku Endo), Vector End: Beat 3 (ベクターエンド・ビート3, Bekutā Endo Bīto Surī), Vector End: Beat 12 (ベクターエンド・ビート12, Bekuttā Endo Bīto Tuwerubu), Vector End: Beat Cross (ベクターエンド・ビートクロス, Bekutā Endo Bīto Kurosu), Vector Dividing (ベクターディバイディング, Bekutā Dibaidingu)

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