Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ranger Profile: Turboranger Black Turbo

Turboranger Black Turbo

Daichi Yamagata (山形大地, Yamagata Daichi)/Black Turbo (ブラックターボ, Burakku Tābo)

A patient track star who is also a good student giving him the fame of "Running Brain" which is in contrast to Riki. He shows his team concern and is self-sacrificing even when he placed himself at risk to be able to have the Turbo Rugger completed. A reliable subleader who will always be for support of his teammates. He once befriended the monster Sumo Boma whom he defeated in a sumo battle and granted the demon rest. He defeated Jarmin in battle after helping Dr. Dazai get the parts to complete the Turbo Rugger.

    * Weapons: T Hammer (Tハンマー, Tī Hanmā)

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