Friday, April 10, 2009

Ranger Profile: Turboranger Pink Turbo

Turboranger Pink Turbo

Haruna Morikawa (森川はるな, Morikawa Haruna)/Pink Turbo (ピンクターボ, Pinku Tābo)

A student body president and brightest student in the school. She is popular, everyone looks up to her. Gifted with acting skills, she was able to fool both Violent Demons and the other Turboranger to get the medicine to save Yohei's life.

    * Weapons: W Stick (Wステッキ, Daburyū Sutekki)


  1. Here is a Youtube link for turboranger pink, but I can't know which episode she wear leather biker suit.

    I know you are familiar with super sentai serie, hope you can help, thank you!!!

  2. Since Turboranger is far past my time, I only know the characters in general terms. I couldn't tell you about which episode that image is in. (Though I know what you're taking about. Gaoranger vs Super Sentai had a flashback sequence where they showed her in that leather jacket.)

    ito ung link ng recent pic ng tatlong turbo ranger at si seeloon small fairy

  4. the turborangers look cool