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Ranger Villain Profile: Abaranger Invasion's Garden Evolien

The Invasion's Garden Evolien (侵略の園エヴォリアン, Shinryaku no Sono Evorian) are the Wicked Life Clan (Jameizoku), they came from Dino Earth. They dwelled within a castle-like structure, the Invasion's Garden Palace, before Dezumzorlya turned it into a giant cyclops-like host called DezumoGevirus to battle the Burstosaurs with while transferring itself into Geildon. The fortress was destroyed when AbarenOh and MaxOhJa seemingly sacrificed themselves (with Ryouga and Yukito inside both respective cockpits), but survived by burrowing underground.

Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya (Jameishin Dezumozorruia) is the Evolien god, a parasitic entity that was held in the meteorite that crashed to Earth. When Earth was split, Dezumozorlya's essence was divided between the two earths, and took one being of each world as its host and transmigrated itself through the host's descendants. It is said that because of its very presence that war and famine broke out and some of its hosts have wreaked havoc throughout the course of human history. In the time of Abaranger, Mikoto held the essence of the inactive Earth-counterpart, and the Dezumozorlya of DinoEarth was originally the Tree of Life until it found a mobile host in Lije through Mahoro. But once Lije became Lijewel, Dezumozorlya entered a dormant state until it came in contact with its other half during the Killer Giganoid event. Dezumozorlya's goal is to assimilate all life, to that end it must obtain a new body and rejoin its other half in Mikoto even if it means killing both Mikoto and Lijewel in the process.

When it was purged from Lijewel, Dezumozorlya sought stronger inhuman hosts, merging Mikela and Voffa as a temporary vessel to obtain Bakurenoh as a new body and absorb Mikoto. But both attempts failed with the death of the other half and Dezumovorla's demise. To that end, Dezumoryla re-entered the Tree of Life, using it as a medium to transfer its primal urges throughout the entire Garden Palace and remake it as its final body. From there, Invasion Garden Ultimate Form DezumoGevirus (Dezumogevarusu) intended to invoke another 200 Days of Darkness on Another-Earth. When Asuka rescued Mahoro, they were attacked by DezumoGevirus, who was formed in the image of what both Mahoro & Asuka feared: the Cursed Armor. As Dezumogevirus, Dezumozorlya was finally destroyed by the Burstosaurs after it attempted to take them with it.

The Dark Sect (San Kanbu) are the servants of Dezumozorlya.

Disciple of Dawn Lije (夜明けの教え子リジェ, Yoake no Yoshiego Rije) (1-37) / Evolien Queen Lijewel (エヴォリアン女王リジュエル, Evorian Joō Rijueru) (37-47): She is Dezumozorlya's child-like metaron, responsible for linking the two worlds. She was created when the Dino-Earth Dezumozorlya entered Mahoro's body, using her child (who was also Asuka's) to create an infant to serve as its host. But half of Lije's soul took a life of it own and became another side to her, Kasumi. Lije would eventually meet up with Mikoto, having feelings for him. She was later force-grown into an adult, Lijewel, forcing her and Kasumi to completely separate. In her new form, Lijewel's powers increased with attacks like "Bombardment Kiss" & "Lijewel Cross Illusion". After Dezumoryla was awakened, Lijewel was dormant until she refused to kill Mikoto. After forcing her back, Dezumorlya reconstructed her body into Lijewel's Strengthened Form DezumoLijewel to fight the Abarangers itself. Through the combined power of all five Abaranger, Kasumi rejoined Lijewel and 'overpowered' Dezumozorlya, forcing it out. With Dezumozorlya removed, Lijewel/Kasumi regressed to her infant form.

The Messengers (使徒, Shito, 2-48): The 2nd ranked servants of Dezumozorlya, they are master artists who create the Wicked Lifeform monsters using the Tree of Life's berries as the source of their power. Both of them were originally one amoebic entity that split into two and slowly evolved into their current state within the meteor that crashed into the earth that caused it to split into "Another Earth" and "Dino Earth". Thus, the two are most loyal to Dezumozorlya, putting its resurrection above everything else and sometimes compete to receive its favor. After losing Lijewel as a host, Dezumozorlya was intent on getting a stronger host: Bakurenoh. But until then, he remerged the Messengers into a new puppet host, DezumoVoorla. Both Mikela and Voffa were honored and proud to hold Dezumozorlya's essence in them. DezumoVoorla served to use the evil of humans to revive Bakurenoh to serve as Dezumoryla's new body while absorbing the Earth-Dezumozorlya from AbareKiller's body. But Mikoto managed to kill the Dezumozoryla within him, getting out for Bakuren'Oh to be destroyed by the Burstosaurs. A enraged DezumoVoorla enlarged, only to be killed by Killeroh while Dezumozoryla abandoned his joined-hosts to their death.

Creative Messenger Mikela (創造の使徒・ミケラ, Sōzōnoshito Mikera): His full-name Mikela Shu Yuankachi Makatuku Damosu Koni, he creates creates the Trinoids from paintings using his three-colored paints. He is a painter and hates to make a creation when uninspired by his muse. He despises humans due as he finds their art and culture inferior. When he arrived on Another-Earth in #24, he found a lot of muses at the zoo while using his Mikela Dictionary to suck in various electronics along with the Blueless Abarangers, AbareKiller, and Yatsudenwani. Long ago, when he created Saunaginnan he sealed the Trionoid away in a red orb because of his immense powers. He was remerged with Voffa to become a temporary host for Dezumozorlya after they had set the preparations to revive Bakurenoh as Dezumoryla's ideal body.

Visionary Messenger Voffa (無限の使徒・ヴォッファ, Mugennoshito Voffa): He is a composer who creates the giant Giganoids from musical compositions using his piano. He is an amoeba that grew and evolved to take on a more humanoid shape. He likes to refer himself as a Maestro of Destiny itself and doesn't like his compositions to be heard until they are complete. He did start to like Earth pop music a bit during his visit to Another-Earth. He and Mikela ended up being merged back into one to serve as a host for Dezumozorlya after they had set the preparations to revive Bakurenoh as Dezumoryla's ideal body.

Darkness Messenger Geildon (闇の使徒ガイルドン, Yaminoshito Gairudon) (1-2): The first of the Evoliens to attack Earth, he was originally Mahoro's older brother Mizuho. Like Mahoro, he felt Asuka betrayed them and must be punished, discarded his old name. He managed to defeat Asuka in battle and take possession of the Cursed Armor. Once on Another-Earth, Geildon led the attack with the Burstosaurs and the Anamolicarus. But after his defeat, mortally wounded, he had Jannu kill him so she can use the Curse Armor to fulfill their revenge on Asuka.

Destruction Messenger Jeanne (破壊の使徒ジャンヌ, Hakainoshito Jannu) (2-32): When Mahoro and Mizuho entered the Garden Palace to end the fighting, she was tricked by Dezumozorlya into believing Asuka abandoned her, and she became fixated on killing Asuka for betraying her. After killing Geilodn, she used the Cursed Armor whenever she needed to, though she became haunted by the past thanks to Kasumi. After the explosion of the Anamolicarus II, Jeanne changed back into Mahoro.

Renaissance Trinoid Wicked Life Squadron Evoranger (邪命戦隊エヴォンジャー, Jamei Sentai Evorenjaa)(30): These are really revived Trinoids resurrected as "Renaisse Trinoid" used to test AbareKiller in Abare Mode's powers. They were destroyed by AbareKiller. They wore colored scarfs and also use weapons much like Abaranger, and can combine them into the "Evo Bomber". They even sang a parody of the Abaranger theme song about themselves until AbareKiller stopped them.

* SharkaRed (Sharkureddo)
* Ayamega Blue (Ayamegaburuu)
* TensaiYellow (Tensaiyellow)

Barmia Soldiers (Baamia-hei): The Evolien foot soldiers and are evolved humanoid amoebas. At one time the Evoliens attempted to turn humans into Barmias with Wicked Life cells.

* Gelru: Black Barmias.
* Zolru: White Barmias.

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