Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Battle Fever J Enemies

Secret Society Egos (秘密結社エゴス, Himitsu Kessha Egosu) is a religion of mad egocentrists who intend to plunge the world into chaos.

Satan Egos (サタンエゴス, Satan Egosu): The mysterious head, entirely draped in black. Ultimately slain by the Lightning Sword Rocketter.

Commander Hedder (ヘッダー指揮官, Heddā Shikikan) (1 – 51): High priest of Egos. He later becomes the Hedder Monster and is slain as such by the Battle Fever Squad's new attack, Battle Fever Power.

Salomé (サロメ, Sarome) (19 – 52): Egos American branch officer who came to Japan to aid Hedder with her super strength.

Cutmen (カットマン, Kattoman): The foot soldiers in grey and black armed with MP40 machineguns.

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