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Ranger Villain Profile: Boukenger Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow (ダークシャドウ, Dāku Shadō) is a stealth assassin-group descended from the ninja order called the Society of Shadow (シャドウの結社, Shadō no Kessha). They are experts in espionage that work to obtain the Precious for the highest bidder. Dark Shadow has no footsoldiers of its own, but Yaiba and Shizuka do utilize the Karths on several occasions. After Yaiba's betrayal and Gajah's final attack, Dark Shadow halted its actions and left the country. About half a year later, Gekkou and Shizuka resumed their thieving ways again, not succeeding thanks to the Boukengers and getting involved in the Pachacamac XII incident.

A ninja clan under Gekkou of Illusion who uses both old and new items to create monsters called Tsukumogami (ツクモガミ, Tsukumogami) to help them gather Precious for profit. After the betrayal and death of its member, Yaiba of Darkness, Dark Shadow dropped out of the Precious hunt and left the country during the finale until Gajah was defeated. Dark Shadow resumed it's wicked ways in the epilogue.

Gekkou of Illusions (幻のゲッコウ, Maboroshi no Gekkō): The wise owl-like leader of Dark Shadow, he was originally the head of the Society of Shadow until he sacrificed himself to stop the Demon Bird (魔鳥, Machō) by merging into it. The Demon Bird is a bird monster that appeared in the Hermit's Gorge hundreds of years ago. It was sealed by Gekkou in exchange for his own body, fusing himself into the monster and sealing its magic power in the Demon Bird's Demon Jewel, which is hidden in a hill in Hermit's Gorge. It brings cataclysmic storm clouds and lighting and can shoot fireballs from its beak. Though he was about to seal its power and soul away, Gekkou was trapped in the monster's weakened body. He has the ability to create and enlarge Tsukumogami with sutras. He can also speak through the sutras as if they were hand radios. In Task 44, Yaiba betrayed Dark Shadow and broke the seal of the Demon Bird, allowing the demon to takeover Gekkou's body, not even DaiVoyager was able to withstand its power, but when Eiji and Natsuki restored the seal over the orb, the Demon Bird was weakened and defeated by the Adventure Double Screw. A gravely injured Gekkou barely survived the battle and swears revenge against Yaiba for betraying him, leaving Shizuka to carry out his wishes. In Task 48, seeing the havoc caused by Gajah, Gekkou decides to leave the country for a while, helping Souta in discovering his own treasure on the way out. However, half a year later he is once again active in Dark Shadow operations with Shizuka. He is based on Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's Tsubasamaru (though he also resembles Mirai Sentai Timeranger's Tac as well). The Demon Bird is based on Choujin Sentai Jetman's Jet Garuda. Gekkou made a cameo appearance in the ending of "Gekiranger vs. Boukenger".

Yaiba of Darkness (闇のヤイバ, Yami no Yaiba, 3-46): Nicknamed "The Paper Crane Ninja", he believes that darkness is the superior force in existence. This armored warrior uses two ninja swords that can be combined into a double bladed naginata. Though he wears a facemask, it opens up to a terrifying monster-like face when he is about to kill, performing the "1000 Paper Crane Dark Blizzard" that summons a hail of deadly colorful origami cranes that repeatedly strike and slash the enemy. Yaiba used that attack to slay Masumi's abusive excavation group when Masumi himself was little, and since then a rivalry/grudge has grown between them. Yaiba also revealed to Masumi that he let him live that day because of the darkness in Masumi's heart when he used the excavation group as a shield. After being labeled a traitor to Dark Shadow for summoning the Demon Bird, Yaiba reveals that he used the group to perfect his dark power to use the "Three Headed Dragon of Darkness" to bring eternal darkness to Earth with Yaiba ruling over it. However, it rejected him as his darkness wasn't worthy. However, Yaiba had a back-up plan, which was why he allowed Masaumi to live and have him embrace his own darkness. From there, Masumi would use the Precious' power to Yaiba's intent. However, when Yaiba exposed his goal to Masumi, the light within Masumi grew stronger and both engaged in combat while the others stopped the darkness. In the end, Yaiba was ultimately destroyed by Masumi's Hammer Dynamite, leaving the words "There is darkness within you, Masumi Inou...That is the absolute truth...You'll never escape from the Darkness...The power of darkness can never be...Destroyed!!". These words forced a guilt-ridden Masumi to leave the team. He is based on Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's Invincible Shogun, while his hidden face resembles Seijuu Sentai Gingaman's GingaPhoenix's "evil" face.

Shizuka of the Wind (風のシズカ, Kaze no Shizuka): A kunoichi who fights with a pair of kunai. She often refers to herself in third person, like Natsuki. She is very childish and inept but also violent and deceiving and most of the time undergoes disguises to find any Precious, but the Boukengers can see through her disguises. She is the spokesperson of the Dark Shadow Company and often embarks in meetings to obtain Precious from clueless corporations, as well as selling them. Souta and Sakura fight her frequently. Shizuka once used the power of a Precious called "The Rainbow Cloth" to transform into Super Shizuka of the Wind (風のスーパーシズカ, Kaze no Sūpā Shizuka) and fought the Boukengers, reverting to her original form when defeated by Ultimate DaiBouken and Zubaan's Great Sacred Sword Slash, after. She was injured by Yaiba when he turned his back on Dark Shadow, unaware of his intent at the time, but managed to rescue Gekkou while begging for forgiveness. She was soon assigned the task of killing Yaiba for his betrayal, though she was unable to do it. In Task 48, on the way out of the country along Gekkou, Shizuka helps Souta to discover his own treasure. Half a year later she becomes an active Precious Thief again, attempting to steal the jewel from SCRTC which has he end up in getting involved in a bout between the Boukengers and Gekirangers until Bouken Silver takes the jewel from her, forcing her to retreat. Her design is based on Ninja Sentai Kakuranger's Kakure DaiShogun while her super-form resembled Super Kakure DaiShogun.

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