Monday, April 13, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Boukenger High Priest Gajah

High Priest Gajah (大神官ガジャ, Daishinkan Gaja) is the last surviving member of the Gōdom Civilization, the high-priest of Gōdom worshipers and self-dubbed avatar of Gōdom itself. He was originally a stone corpse in a death-like sleep, until the seal was shattered. Apparently his left hand is still stone, and it can summon Karths from rocks. He wields a broad sword that can shoot out lightning. He typically seizes any power or chance available and uses it against the Boukengers. He and Ryuuwon are apparently rivals. But the two had their alliances such as their first meeting when Ryuuwon held Gajah captive to find the Brain of Gōdom which Gajah betrayed Ryuuwon once the item was found, but he fled when Ryuuwon defeated him. Gajah then used the Dark Shadow, via a mind controlled person, to obtain one of Karamono Namiemon dolls. He teamed up with Ryuuwon again to use the map on the doll to find the treasure SGS was hiding, the Manuscript of Leon Giordana. Though he was nearly killed by Super DaiBouken-terminated Girad, Gajah survived the bout and used what he able to memorize from the Manuscript to use the secrets of the Parallel Engines and the Boukengers' Accel Suits by construct the Anti-Parallel Engines called the Gōdom Engines, which were used to revive the spirits of Rei and Gai, turning them into Questers. He used a third Gōdom Engine to power Giant God Gagadom, which was stolen by the Questers. When Ryuuwon learned of the Gōdom Engine's connection to their previous teamup, Gajah gave him the map to Uchide's Mallet in exchange for his life. In Task 29, he picks up the seemingly useless Egg of Lemuria, using it to create his own Mythical Beast. Gajah later aided Chronos in the Boukenger vs Super Sentai movie to bring back Tsuetsue, Furabiijo and Meemy via his Gōdom Engine technology. He wasn't seen again until the Questers used him to get the Caduceus Staff. After the Christmas failure with Golem, Gajah said that only the power of Gōdom would be enough and started plans to recover both the Heart and the Brain of Gōdom. In Task 47, Gajah stole Pandora's Key from Ryuuwon telling him that he would destroy all the Precious and become a god, revealing that he had planted three Gōdom Engines on himself becoming extremely powerful. When he found Pandora's Box and opened it, Gajah drank the contents to further power his Gōdom engines. Using his new-found power, Gajah created Desperado to point him in the direction of Gōdom's treasures. In a vain attempt to stop Gajah, SGS was forced to destroy the Precious Bank. In the Task 48, the fact Gajah could absorb the energy from the NeoParellel Engines (Seen with Siren Builder & BoukenSilver), forced Mr. Voice to shutdown the Boukenger system as Gajah obtains the Heart of Gōdom and absorbs it, revealing that his intend to use Gōdom's organs to evolve into Gōdom himself. He goes to the ruins of the Gōdom Temple he awakened from and enters into a cocoon state, while waiting for the Brain of Gōdom. But with only the Heart of Gōdom, Gajah emerges only in less but still powerful form called Gajadom (ガジャドム, Gajadomu), claiming to supass even Gōdom. Though he overpowered the Boukengers, they managed to take him down until he enlarged and was finally defeated by the GoGo Vehicles destroying his Gōdom Engines. Though he survived, Gajah was weakened by the attack and re-entered suspended animation once more as his island sank from the stress the battle put on it. Gajah now awaits the day he is again revived so Gōdom will finally rule the world. Gajah was based on Himitsu Sentai Goranger's Variccune, while Gajadom was modeled after Chouriki Sentai Ohranger's Ohblocker.

* Gajah's name is a pun on the Chaturanga game-piece Gajah, the ancient Indian "ancestor" of the Bishop Chesspiece.

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