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Ranger Villain Profile: Carranger Enemies

Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus (暴走皇帝エグゾス, Bōsōgōtei Eguzosu) (35-48): He is the true villain of the series who hired the Bowzock to do his dirty work. His ultimate plan was to build a giant road for aliens across the Milky Way, and to destroy Earth because it was in the way of the road. Exhaus kidnapped Dappu and tried to drain his Kurumagic Power to use for his own robots, turning it into Akumagic Power, but his plan backfired when Dappu overloaded the robots with power. He betrayed the Bowzock and took over the operation personally, only to fight the Carrangers personally when he absorbed the evil energies of the entire universe into his body to assume a fighting form, Exhaus Super-Strong (エグゾス・スーパーストロング, Eguzosu Sūpā Sutorongu). In this form he seemed unbeatable, destroying both VRV Robo and RV Robo, but was fed stale imo-youkan by Gynamo, causing him to weaken and shrink to human size so he could be finished off by the Carrangers.

Space Bōsōzoku Bowzock (宇宙暴走族ボーゾック, Uchū Bōsōzoku Bōzokku): An intergalactic biker gang with no love for the rules of traffic. Hired by Exhaus to pave the way for his highway by, blowing every planet in the way of construction. They have targeted Earth, the last of such planets, for destruction and frequently hang out at the BB Saloon, a bar in the Baribarian spacecraft. After he had absorbed the Carrangers' Carmagic Power, Exhaus set the Baribarian spacecraft on fire and sent it crashing to Earth, only to have it stopped by Sirender and the Carranger in human form take control of it and drove it straight into Exhaus to try and kill him.

President Gynamo (総長ガイナモ, Sōchō Gainamo): Leader of the Bowzock, and is madly in love with Zonnette. At the end of the series, he re-opened the fried-meats restaurant that he set up while Ritchiker took over the Bowzock.

Beauty Zonnette (美女ゾンネット, Bijo Zonnetto) (1-45, 48): A buxom member of Bowzock who uses her feminine wiles, and Gynamo's crush on her, for her own selfish pleasures. Zonnette drives a pink convertible called the Zonnecar. She fell madly in love with Red Racer after seeing him in action. As time passed she also fell for the man behind the mask. She is Radiata's big sister and the princess from another planet. At the end of the series, she becomes "purified" and resumed her true-form, Vanity Mirror Fanbelt (バニティーミラー・ファンベルト, Banitī Mirā Fanberuto), returning to her home planet for an arranged marriage, though she turns them all down since Red Racer is still in her heart. She returned during the finale and talked Gynamo into teaming up with the Carrangers.

Instructor Ritchhiker (リッチハイカー教授, Ritchihaikā Kyōju) (16-31): Briefly hired by Gynamo as his "Evil Director of Human Resources". Ritchhiker served as the mastermind who devised the plans to deal with the Carrangers and SignalMan, who was apparently an old enemy of Ritchhiker's. He was struck by lightning during the Bowzock festival and gained a second form to go with his accidental power boost called RitchRitchhiker (リッチリッチハイカー, RitchiRitchihaikā). With his new power, he kicked out Gynamo and Zonette and took over as leader of the Bowzock. He piloted the Braking in both of its' forms to destroy the Carrangers, but only managed to capture RV Robo before Braking was finally destroyed by VRV Robo, going out in a blaze with its' pilot.

Deputy Leader Zelmoda (副長ゼルモダ, Fukuchō Zerumoda): Second in command of the Bowzock, and Gynamo's friend. His main weapon is a sword made up of playing cards. At the end of the series, he and Grotch help work at Gynamo's restaurant while going to elementary school for education.

Inventor Grotch (発明家グラッチ, Hatsumeika Guratchi): Bowzock inventor. He is responsible for many of the weapons used by the Bowzock such as the Fattening Spray and Forgetfulness Water-Gun, as well as for picking the imo-youkan, used to make the Bowzock grow. He was the one who discovered the imo-youkan by accident when he once rebelled against the Bowzock, and tried to destroy the Carrangers himself while eating at an Imocho. Fortunately, the imo-youkan he ate had expired and wore off before either he or the Carrangers could do harm to each other. At the end of the series, he and Zelmoda helped work at Gynamo's restaurant while going to elementary school for education.

Reckless Driving Squadron Zokuranger (暴走戦隊ゾクレンジャー, Bōsō Sentai Zokurenjā) (25): Notable for being an "Evil Sentai"-parody in a Sentai-parody show, and even had their own theme song - a remix of the Carranger theme. Other than SS Pamaan, the other members were made out of the Gorotsuki that have hung out in the BB Saloon for the entire series. They tossed a ball to each member like J.A.K.Q. and Kakuranger. Grotch gave them their own bazooka called the Zokuren Bazooka, powered by Zonnette's necklace. After SS Pamaan is killed, the others continued helping the Bowzock out the best they could.

SS Pamaan (スースーパマーン, Sū Sū Pamān) / "ZokuRed" (ゾクレッド, "Zokkureddo"?) (25): Bowzock's best hero researcher. He was leader of the Zokuranger, calling himself ZokuRed, usually fought with Red Racer. He wielded a two-laser hole gun and a sword similar to Red Racer's. He was killed by RV Robo while he was saying the name of his sword's final attack, which had a very long name ("Great Galaxy Blitzkrieg Science Darkness Sword: Lightning Blitzkrieg Plasma Cyber Aurora Centrifugal Gravity Super Thunder..." (大銀河電撃科学暗黒剣・稲妻電撃プラズマサイバーオーロラ遠心重力スーパーサンダー..., Dai Ginga Dengeki Kagaku Ankoku Ken Inazuma Dengeki Purazuma Saibā Ōrora Enshin Jūryoku Sūpā Sandā...)), one that referred to several Sentai Robos' final sword attacks from previous series.

ZokuBlue (ゾクブルー, Zokuburū): A Gorotsuki who fought with Blue Racer. He fought with a butcher's knife hooked with a chain to a sickle and later wield two guns similar to Blue Racer's weapons.

ZokuGreen (ゾクグリーン, Zokugurīn): A Gorotsuki who fought with Green Racer. Originally, he was the bartender of BB Saloon. He first wielded an axe, and later fought with a musket-like cannon.

ZokuYellow (ゾクイエロー, Zokuierō): A Gorotsuki who fought with Yellow Racer. He fought with a lance-like weapon, but later with two round knives similar to Yellow Racer's weapons.

ZokuPink (ゾクピンク, Zokupinku): A female Gorotsuki who fought with Pink Racer. She fought with a rake originally but later fought with a bow similar to Goranger's Momoranger. She and Zonnette were the only female regulars in the BB Saloon.

Combatant Wumpers (戦闘員ワンパー, Sentōin Wanpā): The henchmen/grunts. Can shoot ink from their octopus-like mouths. They are contained in Zelmonda's jar, similar to that of aquatic pets. They come in many colors; green, blue, white and pink. White tended to be rarer than others and were often the butt of a quick gag.

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