Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Changeman Enemies

The Great Star League Gozma (大星団ゴズマ, Daiseidan Gozuma) is an empire that devastates planets and uses the survivors as warriors trying to invade their planets.

Star King Bazoo (星王バズー, Seiō Bazū): The leader of Gozma. He is actually a projection of the living planet Gozmastar.

General Giluke (ギルーク司令, Girūku Shirei): He is in charge of the invasion of Earth. He is from Grass Star. Once plotted against Bazoo. He dies and returns as Ghost Giluke. Later, he becomes Super Giluke and the Space Beast Warrior Giluke.

Adjutant Booba (副官ブーバ, Fukukan Būba): Former space pirate armed with the Buldobas sickle. Died fighting with Change Dragon.

Adjutant Shima (副官シーマ, Fukukan Shîma): A princess of Amanga Star with a man's voice. Until she defected to the Changemen.

Queen Ahames (女王アハメス, Jō Ahamesu): Giluke's comrade when he revolted against Bazoo. She kidnaps Booba and Shima and sets her sights on killing the Changemen. Dies in the exploding EDS base.

Hidrer Soldiers (ヒドラー兵, Hidorā Hei): Grunts in blue tights with blonde hair and odd bulges born from eggs.

Navigator Gator (航海士ゲーター, Kōkaishi Gētā): The yes-man for Gozma, until he defects and joins the Changemen.

Gyodai (ギョダーイ, Gyodāi): One-eyed monster enlarging creature from Gyodai Star.

Great Star League Gozma Mechanics: They are Gozmard, Gozma Pod and Gozma Sentouki. Each creatures have either captured beasts from conquered alien worlds or aliens mutated into monsters.

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