Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Dairanger The Gorma Triumvirate

The Gorma Triumvirate: The three who spear head the attack. While they resemble humans in leather clothing, their skin turns metallic when in fighting-form.

Lieutenant Colonel Shadam (シャダム中佐, Shadamu Chūsa): The leader of the Gorma Triumvirate and Kou's and Akomaru's real father. He was the one who spear-headed the Gorma attack against the Dai Tribe in China. Shadam's motivation in Gorma was to reach higher rankings until he become the 16th Gorma Emperor, deposing of the competition in anyway possible. He can also assume a fighting form, with a mask that practically covers his face. He eventually realized his dream and the power of the Gorma Emperor once he defeated Jiaxu and disposed the previous one he resurrected so he can become his successor. As Gorma Emperor XVI (Gōma-tei Jū-Roku, Gorma Emperor XVI), he intended to use the Great Earthshaking Jewel to takeover the world despite suffering its mind-warping effects, fighting the Dairangers. But when Daijinryuu appears, the Earth Shaking Jewel left Shadam in order to appease Daijinryu's wrath. A maddened Shadam attempted to escape, only to be encountered by Ryou in a one-way knife duel between them. Shadam lost and died on his own knife, revealing that he was actually a clay figure himself made long ago. As his body crumbled to dust, only an human eye ball remained among the pile of dirt.

Lieutenant Colonel Gara (ガラ中佐, Gara Chūsa, 1-49): The female member of the Gorma Triumvirate, she was actually a copy of the original Gara, a former member of the Dai Tribe who joined Gorma at 10 when she believed that her friend Kujaku abandoned her after Gara got her face scared while protecting her, getting revenge with Mirror-Makeup Artist's aid. When Gara died soon ater, Shadam created the Gara that the Dairangers would face in presecent time, identical to the original in every way. Makes a copy of her self called Wraith Gara (生き霊ガラ, Ikiryō Gara) for a short time by dripping her own blood onto a small doll made of straw. During the final battle, Gara learned the truth of her 'existence' as the "Real Gara" appeared and used her power to reduce Gara into dust.

Major Zydos (ザイドス少佐, Zaidosu Shōsa, 1-48): The Strongman, brutal and prone to deep thinking. He was a key player amongst the Gorma because of his power and he could create extremely dangerous new Gorma like Jin. He believed utterly in Shadam as his leader, but was also prone to doing his own things. He has trouble controlling the 3 Gorma Idiots as they tend to botch the plans due to their competitive nature. Nearly killed by Heavy Armor Qi Palace, but survived. During the match between Shadam and Jiaxu, Zydos was sent to destroy the power booster Jiaxu intended to use in the match. Though he barely survived the Heavy Armor Qi Palace a second time, Zydos died when he turned into his true form: A clay figure created by Shadam as he remembered him.

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