Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Denziman Enemies

Denziman Enemies

The Vader Clan (ベーダー一族, Bēdā Ichizoku)

The Vader Clan are invaders from another dimension with warped (to us) concepts of outer beauty. They intend to pollute and corrupt the Earth and its inhabitants to fit its unusual aesthetic.

Queen Hedrian (ヘドリアン女王, Hedorian Joō): She hates inner beauty and wants to pollute the world. She finds happiness in human suffering.

General Hedrer (ヘドラー将軍, Hedorā Shōgun): Field commander.

Keller and Mirror (ケラー&ミラー, Kerā to Mirā): Female spies in silver and gold respectively. Keller can change into a shield, and Mirror a vanity mirror.

Banriki Demon King (バンリキ魔王, Banriki Maō) (37-51): A half-naked, musclebound space wanderer. Eventually takes the Vader Clan leadership for himself.

Dustlers (ダストラー, Dasutorā): Grunts (footsoldiers) in black tights with skeletal designs. Armed with sickles. They can teleport from one spot to another.

This image is labeled as a Jake Speed Scan.

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