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Ranger Villain Profile: Dynaman Enemies

The Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire (有尾人一族ジャシンカ帝国, Yūbijin Ichizoku Jashinka Teikoku)

The Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire are evolved from a race of a reptiles. They arrived at Earth in ancient times, the lifeforms being carried along with a meteorite, crashing into the earth, and falling deep into its core. As time went on, the lifeforms evolved, becoming the civilized Tailed-People Clan. The Tailed-People are a civilization of advanced science (higher than human's), with the rank of their civilization being determined by the number of tails. Believing Earth to be theirs, for their civilization to rise, they begin invasion. Originally planning to turn humans into their own kind, the experiment failed, and their strategy was changed to simply destroying mankind by reducing the number of human beings as the Tailed-People Clan was outnumbered. Being as the number of tails determines rank, the Emperor's dream is to obtain ten tails, who is said to provide one with eternal life and powers. Their rank and status is determined by the number of tails each member has. The more tails, the greater the status.

Emperor Aton (帝王アトン, Teiō Aton) (1- 50) - The ringleader who orders the invasion and building of the Jashinka Empire above. With nine tails, he believes in the legend and dreams of obtaining the tenth tail that will provide eternal life and super powers, which he believes he will obtain once he's conquered humans. His cruelty unmatched, he originally shows protection of his son, Megiddo, until one failure too many. He is armed with ESP abilities and the Emperor Sword.

General Kar (カー将軍, Kā Shōgun) (1-49) - AKA "God of War." A scientist with seven tails. The second in command who developed the Evilution Beast manufacturing machine Progressor. Extremely loyal to Aton, he is later set-up by Zenobia and Dark Knight, forcing him to challenge Dynaman to a fight to prove his innocence and loyalty.

Prince Megiddo (メギド王子, Megido Ōji) - Aton's son. He has five tails, although one tail was cut off by Dyna Red in their first match, becoming a disgrace to his clan and developing a grudge against Red. Too wrapped up in his pride and with too violent of a temper, he continuously fails. After being prosecuted by Zenobia, his remaining tails are cut off and he was thrown into the 1000 Year Cave prison, banished by his own father. Swearing revenge, he breaks free from the prison, becoming Dark Knight (ダークナイト, Dāku Naito), wielder of the "Dance of Darkness" technique. As Dark Knight, he is not only an enemy of Dynaman, but of Jashinka, as well. Calling himself "the messenger of darkness", he first lets his presence known by stealing Aton's Emperor Sword. He shows most hatred for Zenobia and Dyna Red. He died when his ship crashed into the ground.

Gira and Geel (ギーラ&ギール, Gīra to Gīru) (1-8) - The bodyguards of Megiddo. The tail soldiers is distinguished by their clothing and berets.

Princess Chimera (王女キメラ, Ōjo Kimera) (8-51) - The witch niece of Aton, cousin of Megiddo. She has a short, round tail of four. She respects Aton and is a master in illusions and psychokinesis. She is excellent at strategies to fool humans by using disguises and charm. She is Rei / Dyna Pink's rival. As prideful as her cousin Megiddo, the two constantly bicker. She died alongside with Meggido.

General Zenobia (ゼノビア, Zenobia) (37-50) - A new general with 7 tails who appears in episode 37. She destroyed the Invention Center. A combat expert with seven tails, she too holds the title of general. Also a priestess who deals in ritual. Eight years ago, she tried to assassinate Aton and take the throne for herself. While conspirators were executed, Aton chose to banish Zenobia to imprisonment in the 1000 year cave out of fear of her witchcraft knowledge. While it is supposed to be impossible to break from the 1000 Year Cave prison, Zenobia manages to do so, now swearing loyalty to Aton, now wanting to help aid in being rid of Dynaman. She is secretly ambitious, still holding a hatred for Aton with a dream to still overthrow him and develop the tenth tail. Spied on by Megiddo, she sets him up by having him banished to the 1000 Year Cave, masking it as a contempt for failure. She discovers the Retro Gene, attempting to use it in growing the tenth tail. When she does grow a tenth tail, she dies afterwards.

Tail Soldiers (シッポ兵, Shippo Hei) - The foot soldiers of the empire. They are humanoid lizards with red eyes, green and black skin and one tail.

Gran Gizmo (グランギズモ, Guran Gizumo) - A mobile fortress shaped like a flying fish.

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