Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Flashman Enemies

The Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess (改造実験帝国メス, Kaizō Jikken Teikoku Mesu) takes over planets, using their lifeforms as fodder for its experiments. Their goal is to transform Great Emperor Ra Deus into the strongest being in the universe.

Great Emperor Ra Deus (大帝ラー・デウス, Dai Tei Rā Deusu) - The big, immobile leader of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess. He could fire energy shots from his fingers to punish his officers. Before the finale, he was transformed as the monster Za Deusula where he was eventually destroyed by the Flashman. In the finale, his broken mask was used by Keflen to create his final monster which was a three-legged creature called Za Demoss where it defeated the Flash King and even took the Great Titan sometime to finally destroy it.

Great Doctor Lee Keflen (大博士リー・ケフレン, Dai Hakase Rī Kefuren) - He is over 300 years old. He creates the empire's Beast Warriors. He was originally from Earth, kidnapped by Deus, transformed and educated to be his righthand man. Power hungry, believing himself to be God-like, he turns his cheek when Deus is critically injured and dying for the sake of being able to overthrow him and assume position as ruler of Mess. He offers the Flashman a chance to operate on them to repair their Anti-Flash Phenomenon in exchange for his life in the finale. The Flashman refused and he was killed.

Ley Wanda (レー・ワンダ, Rē Wanda) (1-47) - A winged, zebra-like swordsman full of pride and over confidence. He believes himself to be a superior being, but is disgusted once he learns from Keflen that he was made by Keflen, consisting of five grotesque and ordinary creatures. Later powered up as the monster Wandarla, in which he possessed the power to stop time by combining his powers with a Beast Warrior. He challenged Red Flash to a final duel to prove his strength after losing his power and was eventually destroyed.

Ley Nefel (レー・ネフェル, Rē Neferu) - A leopard-like and loyal soldier. She thought of Keflen as her father for creating her. She was able to disguise herself as human and spy. She is cunning and cruel. She was later powered up in order to transform into the monster, Nefelura. She was stabbed to death by Red Flash while protecting Keflen in the finale.

Ley Galus (レー・ガルス, Rē Garusu) (1-28) - A big and strong commander made up of genes of wild beasts. This monster does not talk but roars a lot while fighting the Flashman.

Wolk and Kilt (ウルク&キルト, Uruku to Kiruto) (1-45) - The assistants of Nefel which are derived from a wolf and a cat. They are lovers. Both of them were turned into the monster Za Kiltoss.

Sir Cowler (サー・カウラー, Sā Kaurā) (15-48) - The leader of the Alien Hunters. He is armed with a whip. Twenty years ago, he kidnapped the five infants who would later become the Flashmen. He rebels once Mess keep considering him an outsider, despite the success he has brought them. He was killed by Red Flash.

Bo Gardan (ボー・ガルダン, Bō Garudan) (43-48) - The assistant leader of the Alien Hunters. He is armed with a pair of steel sticks. He was involuntarily transformed by Keflen into the monster Za Gardess.

Alien Hunters (エイリアンハンター, Eirian Hantā) (15-48) - They are a gang of bounty hunters who worked most for Mess in rounding up lifeforms for them to experiment on. They are Baura, Hag, Kerao, Hou, and one unnamed member. Baura is armed with a huge scythe, Hag is armed with a bow and arrow, Kerao is armed with a laser gun and Hou is armed with a pair of boomerangs. Kerao was eaten alive by the monster Za Gitan while Baura, Hag and Hou were transformed by Keflen into the monster Za Taffmoss.

Zolors (ゾロー, Zorō) - The foot soldiers of Mess, green-eyed, red-skinned insectoid grunts. They spray strings from their mouths, causes victims to disappear.

Kuragen (クラーゲン, Kurāgen) - A jellyfish-like monster that enlarges the empire's monsters after they are defeated in human size.

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