Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Gekiranger Sanyo

Sanyo (サンヨ, San'yo, 36-48) is a master of the Mythical Beast Basilisk-Fist (幻獣バジリスク拳, Genjū Bajirisukuken) and uses gravity-based attacks. Being Long's righthand man, Sanyo was actually created from a piece of Long's body, thus an immortal like his master. After Long wormed his way into Rio's service, Sanyo drags in the large wooden coffin holding Suugu, sending his apprentices to convince Rio of their power in vain. But Sanyo's habit of blabbering hints of Long's true plans for Rio, with Mele forcing him to reveal what he knew about it. He later battles the Gekirangers to keep them from Mele, only to be defeated by her, GekiChopper, GekiViolet, GekiBlue, and GekiYellow. Though he survived the incident because of his immortality, Sanyo serves his purpose of recreating Long. In the end, Sanyo is devoured/absorbed by Long as he assumed his true form and full power. His name is based on Suān Yŭ (酸與) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motifs are the Black Tortoise and the Snake of the Earthly Branches.

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