Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Gekiranger Suugu

Suugu (スウグ, Sūgu, 38-45) is a master of the Mythical Beast Chimera-Fist (幻獣キメラ拳, Genjū Kimeraken), a style that allows him use any Beast-Fist technique from the Fierce Beast-Fist and the Confrontation Beast-Fist. Suugu was made by Long from Dan's Fierce Ki Soul, though lacking the man's mind. Suugu was previously in a state of rest as the result of undergoing the Blood-Oath Ceremony and thus he was first seen being dragged in his casket by Sanyo. But Suugu was later fully awakened by Long once he was in the presence of Rio. Rio recognizes Suugu as Dan, which eventually led to him embracing the Mythical Beast Fist as only the Mythical Beast King can command Suugu. Though mindless, a hint of Dan seems to remain within Suugu as seen in his playing of a leaf ocarina. Long tricks Rio into ordering Suugu to kill Jan. During the battle, after nearly killing his son, Suguu's memories as Dan reawakened, allowing him to overcome the Blood Oath's effect on him as he took the blow Long intended for Jan. Mortally wounded, Suugu has Jan deal the deathblow to release Dan's Fierce soul from his physical prison. His name is based on Sōu Yú (騶虞) of the Shi Jing, and motifs are the White Tiger and the Tiger of the Earthly Branches.

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