Monday, April 27, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Goggle V Enemies

Dark Science Empire Death Dark (暗黒科学帝国デスダーク, Ankoku Kagaku Teikoku Desudāku)

From the time when iron was discovered in ancient Turkey, the Dark Science Empire Death Dark have existed to move the world in the shadows. United by Fuehrer Taboo, they are Death Dark. A mobile castle-shaped fortress called the Dark Giant Castle Deathtopia (暗黒巨大城デストピア, Ankoku Kyodai Jō Desutopia) launches giant robots from its gate. It is usually underwater but can fly. When in flight, its high-power propulsion winds wreak destructive chaos underneath.

Führer Taboo (総統タブー, Sōtō Tabū) - A one-eyed 'super gene' product of genetic engineering that hides behind a translucent wall until emerging, giant-sized, for the finale. He is merciless and unforgiving and seeks to reform the Earth in his image. He was ultimately destroyed by the Goggle Robo with the eye-poking Galactic Missile Sword Attack.

General Deathgiller (デスギラー将軍, Desugirā Shōgun) (1-49) - A swordsman field commander in black. He piloted the last of the Kongs, Bear Kong before his death.

Mazurka (マズルカ, Mazuruka) (1-48) - The first female field commander introduced. She piloted the second to last of the Kongs, Cheetah Kong before her death. She is armed with Dark Sword Black Thunder sword.

Grand Marshall Deathmark (デスマルク大元帥, Desumaruku Dai Gensui) (15-50) - A Pharaoh-like commander brought back to life by Taboo. He was the last to be destroyed before the emergence of Fuehrer Taboo.

Bella and Beth (べラ&べス, Bera to Besu) - The faceless warriors in purple and blue who can assume human forms. They are the twin handmaidens of Deathmark.

Dr. Zazoriya (ザゾリヤ博士, Zazoriya Hakase) (1-15) - A Death Dark Scientist scorpion-woman who builds mecha-motif robots. A rival of Doctor Iguana. She was put to death by Deathmark.

Dr. Iguana (イガアナ博士, Igaana Hakase) (1-15) - A Death Dark Scientist iguana-man who builds beast-motif robots. He was put to death by Deathmark.

Spotmen (マダラマン, Madaraman) - The android foot soldiers in camouflage-colored tights.

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