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Ranger Villain Profile: GoGo-V The Saima Family

The Saima Family (災魔一族 Saima Ichizoku) is an evil family of demons whose only objective is destruction. Their plan is to use the Grand Cross planet alignment to bring great calamity to Earth. The Family's matriarch, the Grand Witch Grandiene hoped to travel to our dimension using the great amounts of minus energy that would emerge in Earth when the Grand Cross had formed. Her children, the Saima Siblings wait her arrival sending Saima Beasts to destroy and finish human civilization. They have their headquerters, Saima Paradico, in the North Pole.

Grand Witch Grandiene (Daimajo Gurandīnu) (11-50) The ruler of the Saima Family and mother to the five siblings. The ultimate form of all the minus energy in the universe. She set everything up for her arrival in this reality on the day of the Grand Cross. But the GoGo-V interrupted the ritual and Grandiene ended up trapped half-way. Having failed, she ordered her sons and daughter to gather minus energy for her, continuously failing. After Salamandes' death, Grandiene took matters into her own hands and used the evil energies gathered by the Saima Paradico to complete her passing. Then it is revealed that she never really cared for the well-being of her children, and deliberately sent them out to die. She only used them to get herself into the human world. Her body was destroyed by the Max Victory Robot, but her spirit remained and took possession of the revived and powered up Zylpheeza and Salamandes bodies' to fulfill her goal of destruction. She was finally destroyed in the end after she was stripped of all power when the Max Victory Robo Sigma Project defeated the Destruction Gods Zylpheeza II and Salamandes Dragon. Cruel and cold, Grandiene doesn't hesitate in sending even her own son Kobolda to his demise to accomplish her goals; when questioned by Zylpheeza, she replied: "Saima children eventually betray their parents. There is no reason for letting such beings exist. If you all have lived until now it's because you were useful to me". That reason was resulted with Grandiene's experience with Gill.

Darkness King Gill (Yamiō Giru) (GoGo-V versus Gingaman) The Saima family's true first-born. Having just been born, he attempted to kill Grandiene and was disposed of in the darkest depths of hell. But Gill survived and became stronger from the ordeal, with a scar on his chest to prove it. Then, he was brought back by Salamandes and sought to summon The Infernal Dark Beast from Hell onto Earth, using the blood of many people to accomplish this goal. He was fatally wounded fighting GoRed and GingaRed, but he used his own blood to complete the ritual.

Dark Kings (Meiō) (2-22) , (26-43), (47-50) A child of Grandiene's chosen to lead the other siblings. Originally, Zylpheeza was the Dark King, but after failing/dying, he was succeeded by Salamandes. By the finale, the two were made into Destruction Gods (Hakaishin) when Grandiene stripped both of their bodies of free will and turning them into puppets under her control.

Dark King Zylpheeza (Meiō Jirufīza) (2-22) , (47-50) Saima family's second born. The demon of Aerial Calamity. Leader of the Saima siblings, he is give the highest title of Dark King (Meiou) simbolyzed by the star on his chest. He hates humans but deeply loving to his siblings and mother, he was admired by Cobolda and Denus. After being man-handled by the GoGo-V, Zylpheeza went on a personal war with them that resulted in his death at the hands of the Max Victory Robot. After a few attempts Zylpheeza was resurrected at the cost of Denus's life. He soon learned the truth of his mother after killing his younger brother Kobolda under the influence of her. After hearing the words of Nagare and Shou, Zylpheeza awakens just to be killed now by his youngest brother Salamandes and revived as a puppet. Though he regained himself, Zylpheeza was possessed by Grandiene's spirit and had to be killed upon his transformation into Destruction God Zylpheeza 2 (Hakaishin Jirufilza II), with the Max Victory Robot Sigma Project.

Infant Demon Drop (Dōki Doroppu) (2-22) / Dragon Dark King Salamandes (Ryū Meiō Saramandesu) (26-43), (49-50) The youngest, formerly an infant named Drop at the start of the series. Demon of Fire Calamity. Dragon blood runs through his veins. Being just an infant, he had to be carried by Pierre and would only say "Dorp", not being able to speak. Even though, his high sorcery and fire abilities let him participate among his older siblings. Upon Zylpheeza's death, he received the Dark King Star and using energy that was transferred from Zylpheeza, Drop underwent a maturation inside a cocoon. During that time his soul took on the form of a human boy with pyrokinetic powers who Matsuri befriended. After the period of maturation Drop had become Dragon Prince Salamandes. Using the Dark King Star on his chest, Salamandes can create the "Saima Zone" in which the solar light is completely cut-off, allowing the Saima beasts to boost ten times their power. Later on after the GoGo-V used the Victory Mars to stop the minus-energy asteroid that Grandiene sent, he started to fall out of favor with her. But after the destruction of the Infinity Card, Salamandes completely fell out of favor because he allowed a valuable weapon to be destroyed, so he attempted to lure the GoGo-V to Hell in order to regain favor with his mother, but Grandiene trapped all of them there. With some help from Pierre, Salamandes killed all the hell-bound monsters and absorbed them to become Ghost King Salamandes (Yūmaō Saramandesu). The GoGo-V had a difficult time against him, since now Salamandes was able to transform human souls into energy powering him up through the "Saima Tree" which Pierre had grown at an orphanage. But when the long lost mother of one of the orphaned children that the GoGo-V had befriended arrived, her tears had weakened the Saima Tree's power. Without the soul energy, the GoGoV were able to use the Max Victory Robot and the Victory Mars to kill him and only his Dark King Star remained. In the finale, Pierre is able to convince Grandiene to use Salamandes's Star to resurrect him and he was used alongside Zylpheeza, who was now under Grandiene's control. Luckily, Shou and Nagare were able to convince Zylpheeza that Salamandes was his younger brother Drop, forcing Salamandes to kill him, only to be killed by Shou and Nagare. But in the end Grandiene revived him as a complete puppet under her control in a dragon-like form, Destruction God Salamandes Dragon (Hakaishin Saramandesu Doragon), but was destroyed for good by the Max Victory Robot Sigma Project.

Beast Baron Cobolda (Jūdanshaku Koboruda) (2-48) Grandiene's 3rd born. The Demon of Ground Calamity. He is the strongest of the Saima siblings and his strategies always relied more in power than thought, leading him to a complex when compared himself with the dexterous warrior Zylpheeza or the cunning strategist Denus. Secretly coveting the rank of Dark King, tried to take it over after Zylpheeza's death but was overpowered by Salamandes. He and his older brother Zylpheeza are close because they survived together when they were younger; ironically, near the finale he was deceived by his mother to fight the GoGo-V when given the Cobolt Bazooka and was killed by Zylpheeza who was being controlled by Grandiene.

Evil Spirit Princess Denus (Jareiki Dīnasu) (2-47) Grandiene's only daughter. Demon of Aquatic Calamity. Gifted in the arts of disguise, she often used them to gather information or just cause havoc. Her strategies were particularly cruel and fearsome. Felt great respect for her older brother Zylpheeza. Near the finale her plan to use a spider to syphon off Matoi's life-force to resurrect Zylpheeza failed when the other GoGo-V were able to separate the spider from Matoi, by striking the other spider that was on Zylpheeza's chest. Denus, not wanting Zylpheeza to die again, placed the spider (The one that was used on Matoi) on her own chest and sacrificed her life so Zylpheeza could live.

Spell-Master Pierre (Jushi Piēru) (2-50) , (Time Ranger versus GoGo-V) The family servant of the Saima Family, most loyal to Salamandes. Pierre is a fly-themed sorcerer who dominates the Saima Cards, being able to create the Saima Beasts and enlarge them. He was thought to have been killed when the backlash energy from the Max Victory Robot Sigma Project's Sword crushed him against the wall of a building when in fact it just transformed him into a small fly-like form. He later reappeared in Time Ranger versus GoGo-V to help the Londers Family. It turns out that during the Time Ranger's battle against the giant robot Nova, the energies from this battle inadvertently allowed for Pierre to be revived and allowed him to return to his normal size and form. Using his Saima Magic he made the Londers Prisoners immune to the Time Ranger's weapons. But with the help of the GoGo-V (Because their weapons were designed to fight against the Saima Magic) most of the Prisoners were defeated, but Pierre entered the body of the remaining Londers Prisoner Boribaru and became Pierre Bori. This spell of their Saima Fusion was "Evil power of Saima, give us our last strength!". In the end, Pierre was removed/killed by the Time Ranger's Time Robot Alpha, using the energy given to them by the Victory Robot.

Spirit-Servants Imps (Tsukaima Inpusu) The foot soldiers, armed with short swords.

Denus' Imp Bodyguard Corps (36) There were also female Imps who served Denus, which were killed by the GoGo-V. Pierre revived them as one giant Imp that then divided and became three. The Imps could become Mecha-sized when in the Saima Zone.

Grim Reapers (GoGo-V vs. Gingaman) Gill's henchmen. They are extremely resilient, able to pick themselves up after being knocked down from attacks. Only fire seems to be their true weakness as they dissolve when coming into contact with it.

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