Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: J.A.K.Q. Enemies

Criminal Organization Crime (犯罪組織クライム, Hanzai Soshiki Kuraimu)

Headed by the mysterious Iron Claw, the global criminal empire known simply as “Crime” sought to become the world’s premier crime family. With a network of wealthy and influential sympathizers and employing an army of faceless, leather- masked thugs (Crimers) and cyborg/robot assassins, Crime launched a number of spectacular and elaborate schemes to loot, kill, plunder and obtain absolute power. It is later revealed that Crime was in fact a cover organization for the alien entity simply called “Shine” who had sought to conquer the world.

Boss Iron Claw (首領アイアンクロー, Shuryō Aian Kurō) - An oddly dressed figurehead and “God Father” of the Crime organization. Nothing is known about him including his nationality. Iron Claw, while appearing human was later revealed to be a cyborg much like JAKQ and Big One. His right hand was a powerful “Iron Claw” which could fire talon-like missiles. It could also detach from Iron Claw’s body to attack enemies independently. Iron Claw was a master of disguises and often masqueraded himself in a number of disguises (both male and female). He was a longtime rival of Big One and the pair have clashed at various times in the past. Iron Claw’s ultimate fighting form was a full “silver colored” super cyborg, "Warrior Iron Claw". He was defeated as such by the Big Bomber in the final battle of the series, but returned very much alive in JAKQ vs. Goranger. There, he planned to bomb seven countries (the United States, the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, France, the United Kingdom, West Germany, and Japan) and go out into space until the peace on Earth was settled—then, he would have become "King of the Solar System". The Gorangers and JAKQ crushed his plans when Big One gave Spade Ace a device which would set off a rocket claw that Big One had switched with Iron Claw before transforming. The claw pressed the "Detonate" button and the City-Buster bombs destroyed the craft that Iron Claw was in, taking Iron Claw himself with it, and Big One now keeps the real claw as a souvenir.

Shine (シャイン, Shain) - He is revealed to be the real mastermind behind Crime. An “A.I.” (Artificial Intelligence) entity who is said to have come from the 2nd Star of the “Shine” Galaxy. Attempted to use Crime to takeover the Earth. Created the super cyborg Great King Icarus (イカルス大王, Ikarusu Daiō) to take control of Crime from Iron Claw and to battle JAKQ. Was later driven from Earth by JAKQ and Iron Claw.

Crime Big Four (クライム四天王, Kuraimu Shiten'ō) - A quartet of ruthless mercenaries and despots who joined forces to wreak havoc across the globe. Independent of Crime, they none-the-less joined forces with Iron Claw in a grand scheme to destroy Tokyo. The Big Four’s headquarters was a gigantic flying saucer (UFO) which could fly undetected around the world. The various Big Four commanded their own armies of followers including remnants of the splintered “Black Cross” army that battled Go-Ranger (Himitsu Sentai Go Ranger; Toei, 1975). In fact, Go Ranger member Peggy Matsuyama (AKA Momo Ranger) had been tracking the whereabouts of the villains for a while. The Big Four had battled with other Toei heroes across the globe including Kamen Rider V3, Kikaider and Kamen Rider Amazon. The Big Four is composed of the following rogues gallery of villains:

Baron Iron Mask (鉄面男爵, Tetsu Men Danshaku) - An iron masked despot who had been terrorizing the European continent. Leads his own specialized troopers he calls his “Tetsu Men Gundan” (Iron Mask Battalion). Carries a heavy iron shield and battle spear which he can hurl with devastating skill. Also carries a blowgun which he can use to fire poison darts.
General Sahara (サハラ将軍, Sahara Shōgun) - African conqueror who once battled the Go Ranger in Africa. A master swordsman and strategist, he is both ruthless and cruel in battle.
Captain UFO (UFO船長, Yūfo Senchō) - While comical looking, Captain UFO is none-the-less a brilliant criminal mastermind who commands the UFO command ship that the Shi Ten Oh use to travel the world.
Hell Boxer (地獄挙師, Jigoku Kenshi) - A terrifying tyrant from Mongolia who uses his hideous skull adorned armor to strike fear in his foes. A savage and fierce warrior, he wields an iron ball and chain to crush and kill his opponents.

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