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Ranger Villain Profile: Magiranger Dark Magic Knight Wolzard

Magiranger Dark Magic Knight Wolzard

Dark Magic Knight Wolzard (魔導騎士ウルザード, Madōkishi Uruzādo) (1-34)

"Born within Darkness, Clad in Darkness... I am the Dark Magic Knight~Wolzard!"

A mysterious figure who first appeared to work for the Infershia as their most important member. Wolzard was a Black Mage, a knight-like wizard who wields the power of darkness and was one of the two magicians within the Infershia's ranks. At first, he was considered the most important member of the Infershia that caused tension between him and Branken. He used the Jagun Shield, which contained N Ma's eye. Branken constantly duelled with him at first, and he frequently fought MagiRed as Kai sought to avenge his mother's death and defeated Wolzard in a one-on-one duel, breaking his WolSabre in two in the process. After Branken's death he claimed Branken's Hell Fang as his own and forged it into a new WolSabre. During this time he disappeared mysteriously and reappeared a little after Meemy took over and went on to fighting MagiShine. Over time, Wolzard began to piece his past together and began helping the Magirangers more and more, until his identity was finally revealed as the Magirangers' father. Meemy recaptured Blagel and turned him back into Wolzard, but Kai managed to permanently free his father from the Madou Spell. Blagel immoblized the Magirangers after absorbing their Legend powers, as they intended to fight his plan of stopping N Ma from entering the human world. He would eventually resurfaced with N Ma's soul in his body.[3] While under N Ma's evil and after his purification, Wolzard could enlarge himself and combine with Barikion to become either WolKentaurus (upper torso, head, and arms) or WolKaiser (chest).[4] With N-ma's soul in him, Blagel continued to take on the purple Wolzard form, and aided the Magirangers in a fight against one of the Hades god, but used the Heavenly Saint (Tenkuu) spell syallables (golu etc) instead of the usual Uru syllables. When Blagel was defeated by Titan, Miyuki rescued him and gave him magic to become Wolzard Fire, which is essentially a more powerful version of Wolzard, but in red.

Dark Magic Horse Barikion (魔導馬バリキオン, Madōba Barikion): Horse-like Majuu that serves under Wolzard. He appears from the ground when summoned by the spell Uu Uru Zazare. After Kai selflessly saved the creature's life, Barikion helped the MagiRangers regain their MagiKing powers by forming FireKaiser with MagiRed. But as Wolzard revealed, Barikion only combines with whoever he acknowledges as a great warrior worthy to unite with. After the battle with the Underground Hades Infershia Two Ultimate Gods, Barikion has not been seen again, so what happened to him after the finale is unknown. Forms WolKentaurus' lower torso and legs, WolKaiser's head, arms, back, and legs and WolJavelin, and FireKaiser's head, "sternum", limbs, and back and BariLancer.

WolKentauros (合体 Urukentauros): Wolzard fuses with Barikion when he utters "Uuza Douza Zanga. Dark Magic Fusion!" (魔導 Madō Gattai). With Wolzard now purified, the spell for combination is likely to be "Goolu Luuma Gonga". Wolzard joins with Barikion in its four-legged configuration, becoming a giant centaur. When Wolzard utters "Uuza Douza Uru Zanga. Majin Fusion!" (魔神 Majin Gattai), Barikion becomes a suit of armour around Wolzard and becomes Supreme Ruler of Darkness WolKaiser (合体 Yami no Haō Urukaizaa). His weapon is a staff made of Barikion's mane and tail. WolKaiser is now formed by the spell "Goolu Luuma Golu Gonga". Attacks with "Dark Magical Slash" while being evil, while under good it's "Heavenly Magical Slash". He gained the power to form this combination from absorbing the energy of MagiDragon's finishing attack.

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